Sunday Book Review – Picture Poetry, A Lake Sambell Walk by Frank Prem

My thank to Debby for posting a lovely review of A Lake Sambell Walk.

I feel very fortunate to be able to share a favorite place, and a lovely walk from my home town with you.

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.


Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I have a sweet review for a recent #Newrelease by Frank Prem – A Lake Sambell Walk. Frank is known for his free-verse poetry and in this book he has created a picture book to accompany his observational prose.


A Lake Sambell Walk is a stroll around the iconic man-made lake that lies at the heart of historically significant Beechworth, Victoria (Australia).

The lake was created by gold miners of the 19th century washing away the soil in their wild search for gold at the height of the gold rush era.

Today, the lake is a beautiful setting for fish and ducks and dabchicks (grebes).

Join Frank Prem for pleasant armchair stroll in A Lake Sambell Walk.

Welcome to Beechworth!

My 5 Star Review:

As a lover of free-verse poetry, I’ve enjoyed several of this author’s books. A Lake Sambell Walk is…

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A Lake Sambell Walk – Liz’s Review

What a wonderful Christmas surprise for me. The wonderful Liz Gauffreau has posted a lovely review of A Lake Sambell Walk. Liz's review on Goodreads is here. One of the beauties of being my own publisher lies in the ability to pursue whims and personal interests. A Lake Sambell Walk falls very much into that … Continue reading A Lake Sambell Walk – Liz’s Review

Smorgasbord Reading Room – New Book on the Shelves – #PreOrder #Poetry A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book: Waiting For Frank Bear by Frank Prem

Waiting for Frank-Bear is set for release on November 14, just a few days away, and Sally Cronin is spreading the word over at The SorgasBord Blog Magazine, today.

As release day for this new book nears I find myself thinking a lot about the simple joy of a cuddly teddy bear and how much warmth and pleasure such a furry friend can bring.

Thank you Sally (and thank you Bears!)

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Frank Prem has another children’s poetry story book with more of the lovable bears coming soon..A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book: Waiting For Frank Bear and I can recommend both of the previous books in the series.

About the story

The Beechworth Bakery Bears are still just as friendly and eager to please as ever.

But, where is Frank-Bear?

He does not come in to see them as often as before and they miss him.

They would love to tell you about their lives now, and how they wait for their best friend Frank-Bear to visit.

Step back into the bakery and find out what is happening in the world of The Beechworth Bakery Bears.

Head over to pre-order the book for November 14th: Amazon AUAmazon USAnd: Amazon UK

A selection of other books by Frank Prem

My review for book (too) 18th February 2021

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#BookReview: Small Town Kid

Small Town Kid Cover

I’m extending my thanks and great appreciation today to Liz Gauffreau for her in-depth review and showcasing of my Small Town Kid poetry collection on her Blog.

Liz has included some thoughts from me about how the collection came about and what I hoped to achieve with a memoir in free-verse poetry form.

Along the way I dug up some photographs of the young Frank, and the area of and around Beechworth, where the meoir is set.

I think she has done a wondersul job and I’m delighted to encourage visitors to her Blog to read the review and take a look around.

Thank you, Liz!

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Frank Prem, Spoken Word Poet

My Review

Frank Prem’s memoir in verse, Small Town Kid, opens with a poem titled “I can hardly wait to show you.” This poem is a direct invitation to the reader to “take my hand in the main street / of this town hewn from honey granite / I will tell you what once stood here and there / and you might help me rediscover what I knew / when I was in the springtime of my life.”

This was an invitation that proved itself irresistible. I walked with the speaker through his early childhood, his world defined by his family and their ethnic heritage–to the dawning of civilization for his small town when outhouses were replaced with sewerage lines–to his schoolboy days of hijinks and lessons learned–to his adolescence and young adulthood when he began to realize that “we were just kids / watching…

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Voices (In The Trash) – DG (Debby) Kaye’s review

It is interesting the way serendipity works. In the last couple of days I have been finalising (I hope) the Beechworth Bakery Bears sequel (waiting for frank-bear) and sorting through available images, with a particular eye on a second tranche of photos taken at the Daylesford Mill Markets - the home of the voices from … Continue reading Voices (In The Trash) – DG (Debby) Kaye’s review

Sheep On The Somme – wonderful feedback

Anyone visiting this site will know how much I value reviews of my books. It is a brand new thrill each time I become aware that a review has been posted. Reviews of a book at the point of purchase, or on Goodreads, or personal blogs are crucial to let a potential reader know what … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – wonderful feedback

Sheep On The Somme – Claire’s review

I'm delighted to share another wonderful review of Sheep On The Somme, by Claire Tennant. THere is something about these pictures and the creation of a small story to go with them that seems to gather power to itself. Power to reach out and touch a reader, even though the war ended over a hundred … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – Claire’s review

Poetry August – my (Robbie’s) review of Voices (in the trash) by Frank Prem

It’s a great pleasure to be able to share with you Robbie CHeadle’s review of Voices (In The Trash).

It is a greta delight to have been able to (in a way) bring these objects and creatures to life (or to voice, perhaps), and so much more so when I know another someone else has also enjoyed them.

Pop over to Robbie’s place and check out the review and her own work, with Sir Chocolate and her other writings – both prose and poetry.

It’s a great visit.

Robbie's inspiration

What Amazon says

Voices (In The Trash): A Picture Poetry Book by [Frank Prem]

What if they could talk?

What if the objects that catch our eye as we wander down the aisles at the Trash and Treasure Market could tell their own stories?

Frank Prem has heard them.

Voices In The Trash is a conversation with objects and things that exist on another plane, but whose voices are as real as yours and mine.

Join Frank Prem on his listening journey through the Trash and Treasure Market.

Can you hear them speak?

My review

This is a unique picture book featuring photographs the poet has collected from various trash and treasure markets around Australia. Each photograph depicts an unusual item that would be a treasure in the rights hands. These items include inter alia books, a selection of peacock features displayed in a pot, naked ceramic gnomes suspended on wires from the ceiling, a variety of globes of the world…

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Sheep On The Somme – Sally Cronin’s review (out loud!)

I shared a link to Sally Cronin's wonderful review of Sheep On The Somme a week or so back. I didn't think it could get much better, as Sally is a skilled reviewer and placed the book into its context extremely well. She has gone a step further, however, having recently commenced podcasting on SoundCloud. … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – Sally Cronin’s review (out loud!)

Voices (In The Trash) – Liz’s review

I am pleased to share a review of Voces (In The Trash) posted by Liz Gauffreau. Liz discusses the nature of this kind of poetry (picture poetry/spoken image), and also highlights the fact that each item in the collectibles barn, or second-hand goods shop has had a previous life, perhaps previous love. It is this … Continue reading Voices (In The Trash) – Liz’s review