Cost of paper edition books on Amazon

I've cooked up a table with today's prices for the paper editions of my books, as taken from Amazon. I've given both the US and UK currency prices. The Table may be wider than your reader page, but it looked as though a reader could scroll across to get all the price details. I think … Continue reading Cost of paper edition books on Amazon

Mother’s Day is coming! Who wants a book?

I love receiving book deliveries. Off the back of my newspaper interview and a general stirring of activity as I adjust to the post-Covid world I thought I should order some stock in. New Bear books arrived in separate batches yesterday and today. The hard covers and the soft covers are printed separately. Book Stock … Continue reading Mother’s Day is coming! Who wants a book?

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Poetry Voices (In The Trash): A Picture Poetry Book by Frank Prem

Thank you Sally Cronin for promoting my new release picture book – Voices (In The Trash) at The Smorgasbord.

With release day for the e-book imminent it was a pleasure to record a few more of these little tales for YouTube to go with the promotion, and I encourage readers from my own blog to pop over to the Smorgasbord and then across to YouTube to have a listen.

Drop your comments and thoughts. Both Sally and I would love to hear from you.

Kindle link is below.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to share the news of the latest collection of poetry by Frank PremVoices (In The Trash): A Picture Poetry Book by Frank Prem – on Pre-order for March 8th

About the collection

What if they could talk?

What if the objects that catch our eye as we wander down the aisles at the Trash and Treasure Market could tell their own stories?

Frank Prem has heard them.

Voices In The Trash is a conversation with objects and things that exist on another plane, but whose voices are as real as yours and mine.

Join Frank Prem on his listening journey through the Trash and Treasure Market.

Can you hear them speak?

As a special treat.. Frank has recorded a few selected short poems from the book for you to enjoy.

Head over to pre-order the collection: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Also by Frank…

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Voices In The Trash – almost done

Voices In The Trash - 2 page spread I have three versions of Voices In The Trash, now. A Kindle (fixed) version, a hard-cover (case-laminate) and a soft-cover (paperback) version. I took the paper versions to work yesterday to show around and was delighted with the response from my work colleagues. Quite wonderful. I've uploaded … Continue reading Voices In The Trash – almost done

Goodreads Best Poems 2020

My friends at Goodreads (thank you Grasshopper Bot, in particular), have assembled a collection of poets and poetry gleaned from our various interactions in 2020 as a collected works anthology. It is my great pleasure to be included. The Goodreads listing is here, while the Kindle link is below. A lovely way to welcome the … Continue reading Goodreads Best Poems 2020