New Reviews (1/2): Walk Away Silver Heart

I have two new reviews to report, today. This first is a review of Walk Away Silver Heart, posted by Bill Arnott. Bill hails from Canada and is a fine author in his own right. It is a privilege to have him review one of my poetry collections. You can find his review here, if … Continue reading New Reviews (1/2): Walk Away Silver Heart

Smorgasbord Posts from My Archives – Past Book Reviews 2020 Walk away silver heart: (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 1) by Frank Prem

Kindle link to Walk Away Silver Heart

My Thanks To Sally Cronin over at the Smoragsbord Magazine for re-posting her wonderful review of Walk Away Silver Heart.

I am still amazed to recall how this and the other 2 books in the Love Poetry Trilogy came about – all at the same time, slipping from a phrase in one, to a phrase in the other and developing them as three manuscripts at the same time.

I thought it might be nice to pop in a link to some readings from Walk Away Silver Heart and the rest of the trilogy that are posted on YouTube, as a playlist.

The link is below. Thanks again, Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I have read some amazing books in the last twelve months and I would like to share them again with you, updated with the authors most recent releases and their biography.

Today my review from February 2020 for Frank Prem  – Walk away silver heart: Poetry inspired by the Amy Lowell poem ‘Madonna of the Evening Flowers’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 1)

About the collection

All day long I have been working
Now I am tired.
I call: “Where are you?”
But there is only the oak tree rustling in the wind . . .
from Madonna of the Evening Flowers

Drawing on the phrasing of the early 20th Century Amy Lowell poem Madonna of the Evening Flowers (above) Frank Prem has produced a collection of personal and interpersonal love poems written, as always, in the unique style that allows every reader to relate.

Prem’s interpretations…

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Pebbles to Poems – Review

A lovely review of Pebbles to Poems posted at Smashwords and Goodreads by Chris Hall (luna's on line). Thank you Chris. Here is the review, posted on Goodreads. Don't forget, Pebbles to Poems is still available at no cost in e-book formats at Smashwords. Follow this link if you'd like a copy. The code you … Continue reading Pebbles to Poems – Review

Smorgasbord Children’s Cafe and Bookstore – New #Release and #Reviews -#Bears #Poetry Frank Prem, #Monkey Adventure Donald Lloyd Jr. #Stepmother Toni Pike

A great pleasure to have a recent review of A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book featured over at The Smorgasbord Magazine Children’s Bookshop.

A Bakery Bears e-Book (too) is just about to come off pre-order for direct purchase.

Check out Sally’s p[lace and then head over to your Kindle account to grab a copy and check out . Toni and Donald’s work, as well!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Children’s Cafe and Bookstore with New releases and recent reviews for the authors on the shelves.

If you are a children’s author with books suitable up to the age of 12 years old then please check out how you can add your books to theSmorgasbord Children’s Cafe and Bookstore – FREE book marketing.

Frank Prem has followed up his first children’s poetry story book with more of the lovable bears in A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book (too) currently on Pre-Order until August 31st at a reduced price.

About the story

What are the Beechworth Bakery Bears up to this time? Has Tom sold out of Bee Stings?

Take The Beechworth Bakery Bears (too) home to read, and find out!

Head over to buy the book at the reduced price $3: Amazon US – And £2.42: Amazon UK

Book 1 in the series

A recent…

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Book reviews – Rescue and Redemption

Thank you so much, Debby and Claire for reading and reviewing the third book in A Love Poetry Trilogy - Rescue and Redemption. I am truly blessed by the people who read what I write and encourage me to continue to focus and develop (even at this late stage) what I write and how I … Continue reading Book reviews – Rescue and Redemption

Smorgasbord Book Reviews – Children’s – A Beechworth Bakery Bears (The Beechworth Bakery Bears 1) by Frank Prem

I’m delighted that my A Beechworth Bakery Bears ebook has received another review!

Thank you, Sally Cronin.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to review the latest release from Frank Prem... this time a children’s story book…A Beechworth Bakery Bears (The Beechworth Bakery Bears 1)

About the stories

The Beechworth Bakery Bears are having lots of fun.

They are rowing in regattas and taking tea in the pie warmer.

They are riding on bobsleds and slurping coffee.

They are keeping watch over the bakery and making sure that everyone has cake to eat.

They are waiting, and hoping, that someone might take them home, where perhaps scones will be made!

They are ready to tell you all their stories . . .

My review for the book August 6th 2020 – Perfect for children of all ages

Step back in time to your teddy bear years… easy to do with this lovely picture book

I thoroughly enjoyed this small but fun filled book about a group of bears in…

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Bear time – a first review

The first bear collection - A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book - is soon to go live. I was delighted today to see a review left by great friend and occasional collaborator Cage Dunn. The bears too, are quite delighted. Thank you, Cage. Here is the link to the review by Cage. This little book and … Continue reading Bear time – a first review

Nice responses. Nice results.

Some lovely reviews and postings to share today, as well as the picture above of a nice little #1/#2 in the UK Kindle store. Here are the reviews that are making me smile hard, today. Crastinator gives Rescue and Redemption four stars (GoodReads). Sally Cronin reviews Rescue and Redemption with five stars (Smorgasbord Magazine Book … Continue reading Nice responses. Nice results.