ganache and old candles (and zoom)

she said: it was a birthday an eighteenthbirthdaybutI couldn’t buy flouranywhereto bake a cake just the week beforeI had to hunt all overfor icing but noI made a ganache instead creamfor the whippingwas found somehowfrom somewhereand we dredgedsome pre-lovedcandles it was specialI supposebecauseyou only turn adultthe once and there were her friendsthe guestsall of themlined … Continue reading ganache and old candles (and zoom)

of culture (happy birthday to my sister)

A redux, for the occasion. of culture when I was little more than childmy sister a teenagerwe owned a reel-to-reel recordera brown quarter inch of plasticfed from one reel through a channelof pressing heads and circling rollers to the other push both buttons down when you're ready to record my sister I believe has cultured … Continue reading of culture (happy birthday to my sister)

sulphur-crested Christmas fools

the cockatoos are swooping around the plums ripening yellow and the sulphur-crested snow-white fools are practiced in the art of bending balance at the end of laden branches nuisance oh yes they are a nuisance the pulpy mess they leave below them is no rose but dotted here and there among the greenery they are … Continue reading sulphur-crested Christmas fools

birthday surprise

birthday morning café cooked breakfast juice then coffee the paper ~ eggs fried mushrooms bacon on toast with spinach ah spinach but wait ... is that ... it looks to be a hair a string something curly ~ between fingers he pulls the culprit away from the bacon from beneath the toast and he tugs … Continue reading birthday surprise