(PAD #030) pour until

bottleof red I’m drinkinga blendof two grapes I don’t walk this waytoo oftenanymore buta bottle of red that I’m drinking it’s a glassor twowhat for . . . well it’s a birthday and it’s anoccasion to . . . pop offthe cork . . . chucklethe pour . . . a bottleof red thatand one … Continue reading (PAD #030) pour until


for your (Brunetti) birthday (lucky Lyndon!)

Brunetti’s home deliver your birthday bundled in a cake box held gently by a ribbon in a bow the Italian sharp young man fires up his Vespa wheels away to greet you a little swagger at your door © Frank Prem, 2017 July 2017 Poem #11: three from the Museum

sulphur-crested Christmas fools

the cockatoos are swooping around the plums ripening yellow and the sulphur-crested snow-white fools are practiced in the art of bending balance at the end of laden branches nuisance oh yes they are a nuisance the pulpy mess they leave below them is no rose but dotted here and there among the greenery they are … Continue reading sulphur-crested Christmas fools