(PAD #02) before rain

ka-wa koo-wa wa-yee wa-yee way-wayi way-wayi koo-wa ka-wa my mother always told me . . . way-wayi way-wayi when the kurrawongs . . . koo-wa-ka-wa gather there will surely . . . wa-yee wa-yee be rain to follow ka-wa koo-wa ~

the forest lewinii (ours)

let us all rise up high to sing a machine gun song chip-chip-chip-chip let the forests ring with our call chip-chip-chip-chip even unseen they will know we are here we are alive the forest . . . this forest is ours chip-chip-chip-chip chip ~

an avian reminder of cold

a pretty scene the upper corner of the window is aglow sunshine is radiated off pointillised wattle blossom it is the movement of a bird that has caught my eye drawn attention to the scene as it flits between wattle-yellow and the faded red of a persistent grevillea there is a stark contrast between this … Continue reading an avian reminder of cold