flightless (cheek bones)

look at my eye know I'm so sweet look into my eye no no so sweet trust my feathers you can trust my beak trust my colours because I'm so sweet it must be trust me believe your bones a flightless bird is going to shift some stones yes yes yes yes a flightless bird … Continue reading flightless (cheek bones)


an avian reminder of cold

a pretty scene the upper corner of the window is aglow sunshine is radiated off pointillised wattle blossom it is the movement of a bird that has caught my eye drawn attention to the scene as it flits between wattle-yellow and the faded red of a persistent grevillea there is a stark contrast between this … Continue reading an avian reminder of cold

an unseen presence: I waiting: the wren

the grey wren is under supervision from a superb blue they have alighted four times this morning on the balcony and the grey has flown to the top of a glass door only to slide tap tap tap tap flutter to the ground again and again then away for a few moments before return to … Continue reading an unseen presence: I waiting: the wren

transcribing from the original

four-two-wit four-two-wit four-two-wit I am capturing the lyrics but I don’t know really I don’t know whether I can decipher them into words wardle-ordle-ordle-ordle yordel-odle-odle-orrr----orr wardle-ordle-ordel yordle-odel-odel-ey perhaps this is close idle idle-idle-idle I am idling in sunshine idle-idleidle I am idling away I have just tried singing the untranslated copy aloud outside the magpie … Continue reading transcribing from the original