Waiting For Frank-Bear – Liz’s Review

It is a great pleasure to be able to share another wonderful review of the new Bakery Bears picture book - Waiting For Frank-Bear. Liz Gauffreau shares her responses to the Bears as they weather the changes brought in a Covid-19 affected world. Regular visitors to this page will know that Liz is a wonderful … Continue reading Waiting For Frank-Bear – Liz’s Review

The Bears have entered the building . . .

Next week I have an author appearance to make at a local Library in Yackandandah. Not far from where I live. The topic will be two-fold - my 'a love poetry trilogy' of books (which has never really had an airing in public) and to talk about self-publishing. It feels a little ironic, because the … Continue reading The Bears have entered the building . . .

Robbie’s Inspiration – Guest post by Frank Prem and a review

It’s my pleasure to invite visitors to my blog to pop over to Robbie cheadle’s place – Robbie’s Inspiration.

Today I’ve chatted with her and her vistors a little about The Bakery Bears, and why they engage me so much that I’ve written two books about them, now, with Waiting For Frank-Bear just about to be released.

Robbie has also posted her review of the new book and it is just lovely to read.

The Bears will be delighted when I mention it to them!

Robbie has also featured another collage of Bakery Bear photographs with the article.

Thank you, Robbie.

Waiting For Frank-Bear cover – 03/11/2021

Robbie's inspiration

Today, I am delighted to welcome poet and author, Frank Prem, to Robbie’s Inspiration with a post about his The Beechworth Bakery Bears series of books.

What is it about Bakery Bears?

I can’t really begin to examine my literary aspirations for The Beechworth Bakery Bears books without recounting the context for my becoming aware of them.

Background to the first book – The Beechworth Bakery Bears

By profession I am a Psychiatric Nurse, and have had enough years of performing shift work for the thrill of rocking up to the job for a 7am start to have worn off, a little. So, what I like to do is to create a little contemplative bubble around myself before my early shifts start.

A little after 6am, (before Covid 19 struck), I would approach the Beechworth Bakery, often still in pre-dawn darkness. The Bakery is the only place in town that…

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Waiting For Frank-Bear – digital edition

Waiting For Frank Bear digital edition cover - 27/11/2021 <phew> I think I've managed to convert Waiting For Frank Bear into a digital edition successfully. It has been a heck of a job because of the way text has been dealt with in the paper editions, but I won't bore you with the details. I … Continue reading Waiting For Frank-Bear – digital edition

Please release me . . .

Have just finalised the release date for the Bakery Bears book 'Waiting For Frank-Bear'. The two editions (hardback and softcover) will go live on 12th November. I imagine they will be available for pre-order at Amazon and the other on-line bookshops within a day or so. It's quite a relief to get that far, though … Continue reading Please release me . . .

It’s all about book news, today.

Such a lot to report. Waiting For Frank Bear (70 pages - colour) I've approved the e-proofs for what I hope is the final time today. I'll likely be ordering a coupl,e of copies of each edition - hardback and paperback just to have some copies in stock, and I'll be determining a release date … Continue reading It’s all about book news, today.

New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!

I have been waiting - it seems like a very long time - for today. It was a delight to hear the voiice of the delivery man announce: 'Some packages for Frank . . .' Packages for Frank . . . - 30/09/2021 It has been raining fiercely for a day or so, here, and … Continue reading New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!