The New Asylum – Mayday Hills burning

How hot is The New Asylum? A timely question . . . No, not really. Today (October 22nd, 2019) there was a report on the local news of a small fire on the grounds of the old Mayday Hills Hospital. Not too much damage done and hopefully restore-able. The news reminded me of rapidly the … Continue reading The New Asylum – Mayday Hills burning

Small Town Kid – the ‘Crackers’ poem

Anyone who has read Small Town Kid (my poetry memoir of growing up in Beechworth in the 1960s and 70s), will have read about the bonfire that always started proceedings on Bonfire Night: . . . then in the fading light the bonfire on the far side of the gorge is touched off to blaze … Continue reading Small Town Kid – the ‘Crackers’ poem

Woolshed in Spring

A Poem a Day in September: #30 Woolshed you are loud you SHOUT like an angry man drunk on the mead of mountain water I will not close with you I hold no trust no good faith you are a belligerence held too loosely a hungry waterfall you white-water spume your testosterone flings froth into … Continue reading Woolshed in Spring

Welcome to Beechworth

Hello and welcome to my hometown of Beechworth in north-east Victoria, where we nestle in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, within easy reach of snow and skiing. The north-east is awash with pretty and charming small towns and interesting villages, but Beechworth is a special place. It sits in the centre of an historical golden … Continue reading Welcome to Beechworth