(PAD #10) share (shine)

A view from the Beechworth Gorge across the Woolshed Valley toward Eldorado maybeit was the breathof godblewthe trees down maybeto show a pathfor meto travel could have beena falling rayof reverence but somehow . . . somehowit falls to meto share thisshining momentwith you _____________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments … Continue reading (PAD #10) share (shine)

traversing the beechworth gorge

... and then we walked through untidy scrub and paths that needed reinvention across granite monoliths whole through the ages with moss now dry and thirsting lichens clinging unchanged by weather and naked rock showing a clean face and still seeming newly broken at the hands of the engineers, thirty five years after the time … Continue reading traversing the beechworth gorge

stealing the soul (just a little bit)

A Poem a Day in October 2016: #11 once upon a time some believed that a photograph was a doorway to the soul take a picture take a snap take a piece of me away keep it behind glass inside a frame and here I am today taking photographs here I am today stealing souls … Continue reading stealing the soul (just a little bit)