More Bachelard in my hands

'Gaston Bachelard - a philosophy of the surreal' by Zbigniew Kotowicz (23/05/2022) The second of my books about Gaston Bachelard arrived today. Very exciting, and leaves me without excuses. I need to make some time to read and to write whatever it is I need to say about the influence this man's work has had … Continue reading More Bachelard in my hands

Bachelard anniversaries

I have been thinking today about Gaston Bachelard. Gaston Bachelard 27 June 1884 – 16 October 1962 Regular visitors here may recall that I became quite taken with Bachelard's work a couple of years back, resulting in a slavish reading of everything I could get my hands on that had been translated into English, and … Continue reading Bachelard anniversaries

The Sweet Smell – of new books!

I am quite, quite delighted to share my new arrivals. Over the Seasonal break I was busy formatting work like crazy. For the sheer excitement of it, I decided to play with new size and structure (and look) for Seventeen Syllable Poetry work. New Books - the first of 2022! 17/01/2022 So, what have we … Continue reading The Sweet Smell – of new books!

Busy, busy, book design!

What is a good representation of air? I have been blissfully indulging myself in the tasks of formatting two books simultaneously - the first fruit that I hope to publish from my Bachelard Interpreted series. It sounds grand, but it is really just me responding and reacting to what I have read. You'll recall that … Continue reading Busy, busy, book design!

Back to ‘Dream Hospital’ – so much fun!

I've been having a marvellous time today. I decided that I needed to revisit my Bachelard-derived poems, in particular the Seventeen Syllable work that I'd done, with a view to getting it publication ready. Long story short, I think I have ome book worth of Seventeens ready to go. The poems I've identified all come … Continue reading Back to ‘Dream Hospital’ – so much fun!