axeman: splitting awareness

the splitting axe is unaware it rises and descends bites and holds or bounces off there is only the wood only the reduction from that down into this the splitting axe the swinging blow is unaware the axe-man meets his rhythm it flows like water in the arc of swing and strike it does not … Continue reading axeman: splitting awareness

axeman: axe time

what is the axe with its edge but another means to conquer slice by slice the wood-round preserved diminuendo the axe is unmoved even as the chips encircle and surround us ready again if required to deliver a blow and in the darkness of the garden shed the rhythm of sleeping is the percussive memory … Continue reading axeman: axe time

axeman: between two words

between two words that rhyme lies the metaphor like the magpie and its song like a round of firewood and the blade of my axe there the image unfolds in its personal melody the ballad moves me to the high country when I close my eyes I sing the mountains blue the valleys my story … Continue reading axeman: between two words

axeman: a philosophy of the woodpile

sometimes like life a round of sawn firewood is too damn hard so will it be the axe or the splitter perhaps the wedge and a hammer maybe there is no way to cut through that knot but if you take the round at the outer you can slice after slice it apart and what … Continue reading axeman: a philosophy of the woodpile

axeman: reducing the rounds

A Poem a Day in October 2016: #18 two rounds of wood one atop the other one is the smiting block the other is pieces of firewood in potentia and I am the splitter holding that implement in my hand hefting the weight to obtain the balance in the sweet spot where it is me … Continue reading axeman: reducing the rounds

axeman: daily: the splits

there are hard ones there are soft ones there are cross-grains and rotten cores the splitter bites the splitter rings the splitter shatters eucalypt rounds far and wide one by one the blocks are transformed from backyard eminence into firewood I stop to catch a breath and size the task the next round a large one? or … Continue reading axeman: daily: the splits

axeman: an alchemy

flame flows like water from the coal bed up to yellow-kiss the baffle embers glow radiance like a beating heart the devil alive and dancing that wood I hewed with my splitter raised then brought to shatter hardwood rounds into bites and chips and slices is incarnated into the short-lived god of fire © Frank … Continue reading axeman: an alchemy