wild (and warm)

a riveris falling downfrom clouds above the lightis sufferingfrom its ownpallor a howling windis slinking the greenin the grass is risenuptoward the sky where a lazyyellowis orange reallywarmingin a stripe splayedover nimbus this isa wild dayabovethe back yard a wild dayoutside the door a wild dayand I’m watchingsafeand warm ~

unknowing (the city)

the treesdo not carebeyond yellowand red the streamdoes not worryit just runs for the rainshave comeand the worldhas turned it is autumn againas it should be the cityclose byhas diedjust a little there is troublenowin findinga soul for it is peoplethat it needsand the peopleare all home nothingon the streetsbut their echo and a littlelost … Continue reading unknowing (the city)

streaming a day of honey and light (and flowers and bees)

Pineapple sage 14/04/2020 the sage is a graceful driftof red a carpetof sortsset at the heightof my eyes when the breeze stirsit becomes a dancethat invites a swayingsoftly hummingresponsefrom my sideof the kitchen windowglass stilledin the absenceof so muchas a passing zephyrit is alive mesmerizingly alivewith the ravenous attentionof honey bees it should notbe sofor … Continue reading streaming a day of honey and light (and flowers and bees)

season to season

the yellows and the oranges and the reds of the fallen overtaken by brown overtaken by the earth covered over by the white and the season creeps along hiding green deep beneath the grey of fog and the following reflected gleams of light from the sun low but shining © Frank Prem, 2017 June 2017 … Continue reading season to season