my parliamentary friend (who is a dog)

But when I look ahead up the white roadThere is always another one walking beside you ~ who are youmyparliamentaryfriend I thoughtI knew youon election daywhenso many of uspassed our judgements placing youbehind the microphoneand dais we believedyou would give thoughtto all of ouraffairsof state and make lawsto help the governanceof this land and todayyou … Continue reading my parliamentary friend (who is a dog)

my dollar doesn’t matter (to a god-fearing man in government)

what does itmatter I meanreally a dollar herea dollarthere it’s all just . . . wellnothing much at allwhen you dreamin billions nothing muchat allwhen it comesfrom somewhere out there far awaywhere the people live andwhere we breatheour shitty airthrough shitty little masksin the summertime where our dole paymentis too smallto buy the vegetables with … Continue reading my dollar doesn’t matter (to a god-fearing man in government)

a surplus (of sunshine)

it occurred to the dayit should beperhapsin surplus decrease expenditureof the sun some few hoursreducedto dim-light the restfor reviewas time went on ~ I do not growlike thisI do notthrive barely existfrom bright hourto bright hour I have beendownupon my kneesto pleadbutto diminished lightthere is no change the dayis deafto me the light become so … Continue reading a surplus (of sunshine)