artist and author

  he makes a line a word upon the paper the paper on the easel has a tooth or so they say he is writing all of his life into an opus in pastel she is painting a portrait in the most important part he tries to capture what she has meant he emerges in … Continue reading artist and author

Essentially Enigma

  I will draw you in a dervish swirl from pallet onto paper cream and dimple hungry for the shape and hue emergence of you from rapid dabs and strokes by brushes coarse for vital shape and background fine for definition of the porous contour detail hid inside the mystery of your face I whirl … Continue reading Essentially Enigma

oracle midwife (cubist morning : picasso day)

his middle eye is focused on something still to come his other one is watching us with one ear he’s listening the other is not here his lips are murmuring whispers of what will be what will be of what has been a gesture an incantation tics and twitches and shouts and screams birthing rites … Continue reading oracle midwife (cubist morning : picasso day)

a semblance that remains

charcoal on cartridge paper ink applied with a twig wash blackened-water with the grungiest brush a blob puts some form on a curved line black placed just there was meant as grey never mind never mind the model is fixed now upon the paper and at the end when time’s over the man may walk … Continue reading a semblance that remains

drawing an idea

it started as a sketch the artist with pencil in hand began with a few lines on the white paper that almost shone in pristine beauty an invitation to convert dream idea image into some semblance via an alchemy of the page rapidly the picture evolved a broad shape some detail attire face feet attitude … Continue reading drawing an idea

The Sun Shines In On Your Books

Inspired by the phrase 'The Sun Shines In On Your Books',from the poem 'Madonna of the Evening Flowers' written by Amy Lowell. This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project I immerse myself in your pictures,sketched in the clarity of coldnight without moon. Sharpness ofline and image.You draw me in, watchingthe pale detail of a white … Continue reading The Sun Shines In On Your Books

Picture on a Wall

pasteled into a picture-frame is landscape slow blowing a breath of heated wind through my hair underneath a eucalyptus branch showing bark as fine as paper done in greys and reds and the brown map of cicatrising insect trailings into mountain shapes faded by a hazy distance like dim colour-clouds filtering the vision that is … Continue reading Picture on a Wall

self portrait via life-draw

I have charcoaled a man I am inking a woman he wears a short goatee and no distinctive features she bears a tattoo that adorns the skin of her back like remnant lace from the rumple of a negligee tossed carelessly away his head is drawn as round as a circle and overly tiny I … Continue reading self portrait via life-draw