Volume 20. Hooray!

I've just uploaded the last book of Archived poetry - Book 20! There are still a few collections to be finalised, but the actual 'archive' of poems is done. Books 17 - 20 feature different grasses that grow in my home territory, and I thought I'd go out with some strident colours. Back to 'work' … Continue reading Volume 20. Hooray!

Single Male Shopper

In the supermarket yesterday I was reminded of this poem from many years ago, which I haven't read to audience for quite a few years now, but tripped across in my archive work recently. I thought to snap a couple of pictures and thought I might do a little reading of the piece for youtube. … Continue reading Single Male Shopper

the old man’s stock take – from the archives

he called ittaking stock sittingin the sun in the shade beneath the veranda awningwhen It rained considering the gardenand the green grass counting the bees white butterflies bugs risingon transparent wingswith the sunshining through a tiny halo of lightaround each the wind at playthrough washinghung to dry and of coursethe swaying of his trees his … Continue reading the old man’s stock take – from the archives

A little more on covers . . .

I posted earlier today about covers and provided an image from the batch of books that I'm currently waiting to receive - most likely next week. Here is that post if you'd like to re-visit that. I'm quite the amateur in regard to covers, with a lot still to master in regard to artistry and … Continue reading A little more on covers . . .