job done

the collie dog is guarding the compost she has parked herself at full stretch facing the middle bin periodically launching to bark full throated at the tribe of sparrows intent on feeding from this nights scraps the sparrows oblige by hopping off the heap to perch at the side while the dog fans her tail … Continue reading job done

see you

I see you there behind your nose I see you there above your toes hush don’t fret no need to wail I see you there in front of your tail what’s this what’s this oh woe and grief I see you there behind your te © Frank Prem, 2009 170418

Top 10 for 2016 – from the Poem-a-day Collection (Part A)

In September 2016, I decided I would take a shot at doing a poem each day for a month. I've done this type of exercise before with good, but mixed, results. At the time (end of August) I felt I was writing well enough and would perhaps benefit from the discipline of producing an acceptable … Continue reading Top 10 for 2016 – from the Poem-a-day Collection (Part A)

a touch from a dancer

the music is the ponderous jaunty slow-time of a carnival organ a pair of bears upright dance in a small arena of children parents two shuffled paces then each raises a hind-leg leans forward touches paws with the other cheek-to-cheek and mouths open turn their faces to the audience half-skirt and flower hat yellow baggy … Continue reading a touch from a dancer

prince little blue

shine shine little blue sunlight bright your scales slow blink the day is passing your daddy owns the drain mama is in the woodpile shine bright little blue warm now are your dark stripes you prince of broken bricks bake now upon their ridge-lines a rubble mountain to recline on with pride here could be your domain shine … Continue reading prince little blue