a lament (with no cherries)

Who is the third who walks always beside you ~ wellI won’t be doingthe cherriesthis year or any of the other fruiteitherfor that matter the orchard belongsto my youngerbrother I never wanted itwhen we were younger I went offand got a jobwith a reliable wagein the town butI’ve always helped him outand worked for himacross … Continue reading a lament (with no cherries)

praise be (debating class)

There is not even solitude in the mountainsBut red sullen faces sneer and snarlFrom doors of mudcracked houses ~ I cannot readthe newstoday it is allpoliticianssnarling liarsliar-catchers attention-seekers angry menwho wantto make the play who wantto win the dame be lovedjust likewhen mama loved them and dad approved and teachermarked the paperwitha super gradebecause he … Continue reading praise be (debating class)

Back to ‘Dream Hospital’ – so much fun!

I've been having a marvellous time today. I decided that I needed to revisit my Bachelard-derived poems, in particular the Seventeen Syllable work that I'd done, with a view to getting it publication ready. Long story short, I think I have ome book worth of Seventeens ready to go. The poems I've identified all come … Continue reading Back to ‘Dream Hospital’ – so much fun!

what story (what ending)

Why then Ile fit you ~ what storyis this the mariner . . . the whale . . . neither yesperhaps neither moremaybeit is of death the little deathof a spiritmortally wounded more againperhapsit is of birth despite everything what storyare you hearingtoldin the oldsailor tradition toldas a toastat the funeral spokenin wonderat the first … Continue reading what story (what ending)

almost inaudible (the wheel turns)

I sat upon the shoreFishing, with the arid plain behind me ~ from the deserttothe sea the mysterious vastnessto the vastmystery all of lifeisa cycle and every wheel mustturn it is nota choicebut lies withinits nature –its very wheel-ness –to do so each turnrevealsa newnessof aspect a new facet from the desertto the seaopposing vastness … Continue reading almost inaudible (the wheel turns)

a wash of waves (and weaving)

Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider ~ all those things those . . . eventshappened theywere real so realthere was no roomfor anything elsein the space –the time –surrounding them they were life as it was especiallyin the momentwhen they werecommitted so real the onlyreal and nowthey are marvelsthat have the patinacoveringof an … Continue reading a wash of waves (and weaving)

when the lost pod sings (to sea again)

Only a cock stood on the rooftreeCo co rico co co rico ~ the mariners –old whale-men all –gather perchedon makeshift stools squattingor simplyon the groundwith their backsagainsta wall these menhave known hardshipat the whimof oceansand are not abovea seatupon the steady earth their handsare a devilish rainbowof lined weatherblack pitchand the golden-brownfrom the foul-bacsmokedor … Continue reading when the lost pod sings (to sea again)

the nature of a relic (leviathan)

There is the empty chapel, only the wind’s home.It has no windows, and the door swings, ~ forgetall that justfor a moment consider the natureof a shrine a locationfor relics sainted relics butwhatis a saint do we discussreligion now . . . belief . . . the spirit . . . what comprisesa relic of … Continue reading the nature of a relic (leviathan)

dream a dream (swimming)

And voices singing out of empty cisterns and exhausted wells ~ is it life . . . being underwater howdoes a manbreathe perhapshe doesn’tand perhapshe isn’t butit feels as thoughhe is suspendedabove the ocean floor moving armsand legsto propel himself –to swim –raising eddies of brownand glintfrom the sandas he moves fishare loud creatures there … Continue reading dream a dream (swimming)

Another White Whale poem

This business of sustaining a long narrative within the parameters I've set myself is a challenge. No doubt about it. a staggered song (in three parts) And fiddled whisper music on those strings ~ the sea the sand the streets emptyteemingoceans . . . the musicof the deepplays a voicein the breezesingsas well there is … Continue reading Another White Whale poem