Back to ‘Dream Hospital’ – so much fun!

I've been having a marvellous time today. I decided that I needed to revisit my Bachelard-derived poems, in particular the Seventeen Syllable work that I'd done, with a view to getting it publication ready. Long story short, I think I have ome book worth of Seventeens ready to go. The poems I've identified all come … Continue reading Back to ‘Dream Hospital’ – so much fun!

work until morrow (from home)

At the violet hour, when the eyes and backTurn upward from the desk ~ and what stepsmust you taketo know -in these timeswhenemploymentis performed dailyfrom our homes -that the day of toilis done for the officein the cityhas relocatedinto the spare bedroomat the back the primary work-stationis any contrivancethat will supporta laptopcomputer or some othere-device … Continue reading work until morrow (from home)

I too (sing a polynesian song)

Et O ces voix d’enfants, chantant dans la coupole! “And O those voices of the children singing under the cupola” ~ it was oneof those images every window of a three-storyhotel -a quarantine hotel -with someone in the windoworon the balcony these were samoans fruit pickerswaiting for their quarantine periodto wind down you seethis year … Continue reading I too (sing a polynesian song)

where is this (who am I)

and on her daughter ~ the first generation -so intolerant the second . . .a little lostin the mixed meaningsof their ownhistory my parents -escapeesfrom mid twentieth centuryeurope -became passionatein their resistanceto newnew australians that term -once considered soderogatory -was theirsby appropriation newer migrant groups vietnameseiranianiraqilebaneseafghanpakistanisri lankan (how long should the listbe) all of themwere … Continue reading where is this (who am I)

thank god (you are an australian)

O the moon shone bright on Mrs. Porter ~ this countryhas always beena destination I cannot speakfor the indigenousbutfor the rest . . . a destination from the convicts andtheir soldier guardsof old englandtothe multinational grubbersand desecratorsof the goldrushes the escapeesfrom war . . . from communism . . . refugees invitees the country –australia … Continue reading thank god (you are an australian)

sergeant (they have no english)

which shall bringSweeney to Mrs. Porter in the spring ~ they travelnowin pairs on thesepleasantlittle visits bothin uniform the policehave requested the army the armyhave complied nowthey visit hellohello . . . nothingto be concernedabout just checkingthat youare where youare supposedto be do you speakenglish . . . no no-onein this suburbseems to ah well … Continue reading sergeant (they have no english)

Update on the ‘Flock’ collection

Flock - 2 page spread - 03/08/2021 I thought you might be interested in progress of the 'flock' collection. I have a basic layout, now. Not entirely sure it will last the distance, but it comprises a manuscript, with all the bits of front and back matter in their set place (at least the way … Continue reading Update on the ‘Flock’ collection