an air of punishment

the judge addressed himfrom behindthe bench your trialis now concluded it has shownwithout a doubtthat you are guiltyas accused it falls nowto this courtto pronounce sentence with regard to elementwe have determined: air with regard to the natureof that airit shall be: heavy you are sentencedto go forthcarrying with youa personal surroundingof your punishment worn … Continue reading an air of punishment

naturans : naturata

it is what it must be and is itself enough it does what it must do because it is what it is would you have it be something else what would it become then would it do a thing some any thing that it didn’t need to do because of what it had become it … Continue reading naturans : naturata

sniffing the scent of a literary flower

I read in a book about a flower with a perfume as strong as summer and though I searched through pages by the score and sniffed at all the tomes in all the libraries and their shelves yellowed stacks of first editions I sniffed yes but never smelled the flower that I once read described … Continue reading sniffing the scent of a literary flower