Books Updates

A few small milestones that it's my pleasure to mention. I get very excited when these things come along. Hot New Releases I love getting images as evidence. A status sometimes only lasts for an hour or so never to be seen again. Here are images snapped today, that got me going. A #1 Hot … Continue reading Books Updates

Book Launch time!

This is the start of an exciting couple of days, over here at Frank-ville. New book releases, interviews going public, new poems (maybe)! Every day is . . . In some ways, of course every day is exciting. In the last year or so, the world has turned on its axis quite sharply, bringing perils … Continue reading Book Launch time!

Wow! A Love Poetry Trilogy (on my table)

There are some truly joyous moments. This is one. Three books - my A Love Poetry Trilogy - arrived in the mail today. Real books, and just some words, not just a manuscript, or a revision, or a cover that doesn't quite fit. The culmination of a major creative project, for me and it's a … Continue reading Wow! A Love Poetry Trilogy (on my table)