if I were… if you

if I were the wide blue sky and you the cloud wandering unraveling beneath the sun I watching you with that golden  orb as my eye unblinking would you look up at me or gaze down toward the earth that you rose from mist mist I might wonder what you might be in your mist … Continue reading if I were… if you

laughing (a wish) like a child

he heard the sound a sound that he could feel almost as a vibrant echo drilling inside himself looking to the sky tiny body tiny wings a tail of trail streaming across the wide expanse of the sky not long to wait another passing across the sky then the sound from the ground hearing feeling … Continue reading laughing (a wish) like a child

he watches the shapes that are

in the morning in the afternoon sometimes when the light is almost gone he stands attending the sky forms the movement of shapes that are clouds the shifting of white above grey the blowing of billows the sun at play the sun concealed the heaviness that promises rain in wisps and in stripes in puffs … Continue reading he watches the shapes that are

A Book of Clouds #19: detached

Poem #19 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: A Book of Clouds. Back to A Book of Clouds - Introduction. feather in the sky where is thy bird how come you to be so alone ~ A Book of Clouds is being woven day by day over at seventeensyllablepoetry. … Continue reading A Book of Clouds #19: detached

different (a cloud man). Introducing: A Book of Clouds.

he spent all the mornings of all of his days taking photographs of each passing cloud he tried to get each one because they all are different in the afternoons in the evenings he would write them day after day cloud after cloud a dossier of the passing sky who could grow tired of the … Continue reading different (a cloud man). Introducing: A Book of Clouds.