#BookReview: Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby

So good to visit Liz’s review of Ida: Searchng for The Jazz Baby. A wonderful review with depth and texture to catch hold of.

How about the ‘Red Hot Mama’ performance by Ray Miller and the Orchestra? That’s a good get, Liz.

Pop over to Liz’s place and check out the review and her wonderful work.

Thanks again, Liz.

Elizabeth Gauffreau

My Review

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Ida: Searching for the Jazz Baby by Australian poet Frank Prem is based on an intriguing premise: whether or not it’s possible to uncover the past life of someone who has lost her identity to madness or senility.

In this instance of lost identity, one of three women named Ida institutionalized in the Melbourne-Mayday Hills Asylum is rumored by a group of young  amateur nurse-detectives to be none other than Ida Pender, paramour of notorious Melbourne gangster Lesley Squizzy Taylor, who was killed in a gunfight  in 1927.

Ah, but which Ida is THE Ida, whom poet Prem later calls “my Ida”? Is she the one with  “spindle legs”  and  “hands / shaped / into claws // just about / to strangle you? (“ida spider (I knew her when)”) Is she the poor soul who squawks like a parrot until the nurses…

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Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – Liz’s review

Thank you Liz Gauffreau for a wonderful and deep review of Ida. Thinking about this review, I couldn't help but be aware that this kind of examination of the work allows me - as author - to better understand my own motivations in choosing and writing about the subject. I'm very grateful for that. Find … Continue reading Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – Liz’s review

drink with me (ruthie)

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The Jazz Baby progresses

I make life difficult for myself. I've reported previously that my submission to present papers at 2 conferences in different cities in th esame week were both accepted. The subject for one was the Ukraine war and the place of poetry in translating the unthinkable, while for the other it was my 'discovery' of Ida … Continue reading The Jazz Baby progresses

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there is always the gramophone (I’ll show you)

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I’m ida (who are you)

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