Sheep On The Somme – off to the printers

A complete draft, finished and with an initial proofing done. Sent off to the printers so I can see what is what. Thought you might like a peek at the WIP cover that I cooked up. It will probably change before the project is properly finished, but it's there for now. Can't wait to see … Continue reading Sheep On The Somme – off to the printers

WW 1 poems – getting book-ified

A kittle update on one more project - turning the WW 1 poems that I have done YouTube readings for into book form. For a long time I had been of the view that a book/s would be unlikely because gaining lawful copies would only be possible at considerable cost. I checked again, just recently, … Continue reading WW 1 poems – getting book-ified

War Videos update

I've been plugging away with my self appointed task of cleaning up, shrinking down and re-posting WW1 videos on my YouTube Channel. Some old redone, and some new posted since my last update. I find the inconsistencies a little annoying (most of the audio was recorded some time ago and at different times), but I … Continue reading War Videos update

WW 1 videos – Mouquet Farm revisited

In the lead up to #AnzacDay 2021, a revised arrrangement of three #YouTube poems of the Battle of #Mouquet Farm destruction on the #WesternFront and #TheSomme during #WW1. I've combined them into one video instead of three, and realised I should be shrinking files before I post them to YouTube. I doubt it will affect … Continue reading WW 1 videos – Mouquet Farm revisited

With ANZAC Day approaching . . .

I thought I'd start to organise a few more of my poems inspired by images from World War 1. In particular the Western Front and The Somme. This link goes to today's work, but there is a playlist that includes several poems previously uploaded. Here is today's reading: World War 1 - 3 poems. … Continue reading With ANZAC Day approaching . . .

A Remembrance Day 2020 poem on YouTube.

***Edit***I've got the hang of uploading these now and have started a playlist of WW 1 poems - 3 there so far. I'll change the link below to go to the playlist. I've managed to upload one of my World War 1 poems to YOuTube. A crude effort, but today is remembrance Day, so why … Continue reading A Remembrance Day 2020 poem on YouTube.

Nurses (2): wholesome

WW1 nurses having breakfast, on the verandah at the Aboukir Nurses Rest Home, Egypt, ca. 1915 and we bring youour darling girlsto these hotsands and strange places good morning enjoy your breakfast this may bethe lastwhole the lastwholesome for a while ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my … Continue reading Nurses (2): wholesome

Ypres (41): an entrance (to irony)

  The entrance to the prison at Ypres, which was used as a forward dressing station by the 9th Australian Field Ambulance during the Third Battle of Ypres. there’s ironyherein this bloody war churches are the firstto goin the name of god and people must prayto remnantsin mortar here we arewelcomedby the prison gate … Continue reading Ypres (41): an entrance (to irony)