Voices – in my mailbox!

I received my first box of stock for sale of the Voices (In The Trash) book, today. Both hardcover and soft. Voices (In The Trash) - final I took a small gamble that the last cover adjustments I had uploaded would be executed as I wanted, and I think they have come out ok, so … Continue reading Voices – in my mailbox!

New Reviews (2/2): Voices (In The Trash)

Receiving the first review for a newly minted book is an edgy event. Anticipation and anxiety all mixed together. I am delighted (and a little relieved) to welcome the first review of my newest release - Voices (In The Trash) by Li (from Tao Talk). I was delighted to read her thoughts and summation of … Continue reading New Reviews (2/2): Voices (In The Trash)

Voices In The Trash – almost done

Voices In The Trash - 2 page spread I have three versions of Voices In The Trash, now. A Kindle (fixed) version, a hard-cover (case-laminate) and a soft-cover (paperback) version. I took the paper versions to work yesterday to show around and was delighted with the response from my work colleagues. Quite wonderful. I've uploaded … Continue reading Voices In The Trash – almost done

Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Just a wee bubby little recording (2 minutes or so) from the Voices collection. This was just a little test run, really to get a feel for how to read such short pieces. I'll probably do a fresh recording and perhaps an article to accompany it over on the Frank Prem dot com site, but … Continue reading Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Amusing myself – with voices

No new writing today, so far at least. No. Today has been filled with Voices. I have completed drafting my voices picture poetry book - Voices (In The Trash). It is similar to the Beechworth Bakery Bears in format - images with a poem they inspired, as a spread across 2 pages of an 8.5 … Continue reading Amusing myself – with voices

Oh brother – another picture poetry book

A day off work today. Very lovely. I've spent the entire day in formatting and reformatting a picture poetry book - Voices (in the trash). For Kindle, for e-pub, for book format. These images are taken from a first visit to a huge collectibles barn, with a myriad of stalls, and a myriad of objects. … Continue reading Oh brother – another picture poetry book