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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Pre-Order #Poetry The New Asylum by Frank Prem

Thank you to the wonderful Sally Cronin who has added The New Asylum to the shelves over at her Smoragsbord Blog magazine to help folk find out about it.

Sally is a wonderful supporter of Indie pblishers and publications and I’m just delighted to have my books on show over at her place.

Do visit and check out her site. It’s well worth it.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Another book on pre-order this week for October 13th, is the new collection from poet Frank Prem – The New Asylum.

About the collection

The New Asylum is the third volume in a series of free-verse poetry anthologies and personal memoirs from Australian author Frank Prem (Small Town Kid, Devil In The Wind).

This collection is an exposé of life in the public psychiatric system, spanning five decades and describing sometimes graphically, sometimes ironically, often poignantly, and always honestly, a search for meaning in extraordinary and often incomprehensible circumstances.

The journey begins with childhood experiences of watching immigrant parents earn their living in the Mayday Hills Mental Asylum… progresses through the oddities and antics of psychiatric nurse training in the 1970s… on to the high-pressure coalface of managing regional centres facing an inundation of modern urban challenges… and finally, settles into the generally calmer waters of a small town…

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Zlata’s Daughter – redux

I was reminded that today is an anniversary date in the War between the former Yugoslav states of Serbia and Bosnia and Croatia, inasmuch as the Siege of Dubrovnik commenced on 1st of October, 1991.It was a shocking affair, and I found myself encountering refugees in the course of my work at the time, in … Continue reading Zlata’s Daughter – redux

A Tribute to Frank Prem

Chelsea Owens, writer and poet has honored me with a tribute on her blog site.

Check out her site and her work if you have the chance.

Chelsea Ann Owens

Today I highlight the work of poet Frank Prem. I’ve enjoyed Frank’s poetry since my first days of blogging, and have been inspired to write responsestwice.

He possesses the unique gift of speaking in the voice of the objects he writes about; in movement and poignancy.

The following is my paltry attempt at mimicry, so you might all experience his style:

rain (in season)

I am a piece
of gray
a mist
a cloud


I am a drip
a tear
from North Wind’s eye

don’t go
he cries


I am
the autumn rain


oh please
don’t go

©2019 Chelsea Owens

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Write Around the Murray (WAM) 2019 Program

Source: WAM 2019 Program I'll be one of the readers at this festival on the Saturday. Woot! ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry collections and giveaways? Subscribe to my monthly Newsletter here.

The New Asylum approaches – cover choices!

I'm excited to mark a milestone in the progress toward publication of The New Asylum - a memoir of psychiatry, which will be the next collection of mine to be placed in book form, later in 2019. That milestone is the selection of a cover - image, layout, text styles and location, which I aim … Continue reading The New Asylum approaches – cover choices!