From Ida to Volyn

My poor projects. They mean the woirld to me but are prone to become terribly neglected, even at the point of release! From Volyn to Kherson and Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby - new stock images - 28/11/2022 I've not said a lot about Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby, and From Volyn to … Continue reading From Ida to Volyn

From Volyn to Kherson – progress

The dreadful war in and for Ukraine goes on. It is stretching toward a year now and the devastation is beyond words, really. Emotional as well as physical. I look back at the early period of the war, when I was unable to let a day go by without writing something I had heard it … Continue reading From Volyn to Kherson – progress

Smorgasbord Bookshelf – New Book on the Shelves – #Poetry – A Specialist At The Recycled Heart (Free Verse Poetry) by Frank Prem

Thank you so much, Sally, for your generous support in promoting A Specialist at The Recycled Heart.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to share the news of the latest poetry collection by Frank Prem – A Specialist At The Recycled Heart (Free Verse Poetry)

About the collection

A Specialist at The Recycled Heart is free verse poetry and storytelling focused on the Speculative Fiction (SF) genre. The genre of What If . . . writing that encompasses fantasy and Sci fi and other forms within its warm embrace.

. What is the sound of the wind – of a sigh – on Mars?

. What does an abandoned artificial life form – an AI – contemplate in a lonely existence in far outer space. Why was it made, if only to be abandoned.

. Is it possible to go fishing to catch a passing thought?

.These and other all-too-big ideas are explored in the pages of A Specialist at The Recycled Heart.

Poetry written the way you always wished it would be.

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The Analogue anthology

analogue - short stories from Australia's oldest new writers analogue anthology - cover image - 15/08/2022 I've just received my 5 copies payment for contributing to this anthology, which readers you may be interested in, as the cause is a very good one, though I have not had any other dealings with the editors/organisers. My … Continue reading The Analogue anthology

Frank’s big book day (Part 1)

I've been waiting for today, for a long while. Deliveries from IngramSpark! Oh boy! One packages is print books only. The other is colour images. Yes. It is delivery day, and the work I've been knocking myself out to get done - some of it, at least - has arrived in a tangibe form. Books … Continue reading Frank’s big book day (Part 1)

‘A Koala In The Coalmine’ – Video-Readings on YouTube

A Koala In The Coalmine - cover image - 29/07/2022 A while back I posted my video-readings of 'A Koala In The Coalmine' in a series of 12 recordings on my author page over at http://www.Frank They only lasted for a couple of days because I decided I had a different purpose for them … Continue reading ‘A Koala In The Coalmine’ – Video-Readings on YouTube

An Interview & Review: The Garden Black by Frank Prem

Thank you so much for this lovely review and interview, Cage.

I’m delighted to have this baby awake in the world at last.

Cage Dunn - Fibber, Fabricator, Teller-of-Tall-Tales

Hello, Frank. I thoroughly enjoyed The Garden Black and I’m wondering what the inspiration behind each piece was, and how you created the relived moment?

Frank: All the poems in the Garden Black collection come from the same root – an idea of fantasy and broader speculation. They are also rooted in a mood – melancholy for the most part – and a particular piece of music that I relied on to help drive each new inspiration. Music that I played over in my head all the way through the writing.

Just digressing for a moment, here. The image I used for the for cover of The Garden Black was the last rose of the season remaining on a wild rose bush growing on the backyard fence-line of my home, here in Beechworth.

I exercise little control (too little really) over the images I use for most of my covers…

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