a halo of ice

sky 2

does the tree
reach up
to worship
the sunlight

is this the point
where I fall down
to my knees

is it the tree

halo halo halo

delta runnels
high and wide

is it the sky
made out of crystals

another symptom
of real-life
in my mind


they inform me

is not epidemic

what I’m seeing
tells me
that they lie

I do believe
they lie

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #05: two things (synchronicity)

citrus winter

Grapefruit 1

the grapefruit are changing
from green
over to yellow

sit as small orange balls
the tree is laden

it’s winter
citrus time

brush the leaves
rub the skin

put your face right there
the citrus smell

lifts me up

I want a mandarin
I want to squeeze
a Tahiti lime

navel oranges


and lemonade

it’s middle winter and it’s time

citrus time

Grapefruit 2

© Frank Prem, 2017

July 2017 Poem #01: currawong cries

falling leaves (for Susie)

Vale Susie. Passed away 10/06/2017.

Frank Prem

the leaves are coming down
for Susie
she will not rake them up

they fall in colours


and rosy red

covering the green
with shades of warm

a pillow for her head
a blanket for her bed
we’ll heap them high for her

Susie raked them
year on year
but now
that time has passed
as fleeting as Autumn days
that lead to Winter

and she
won’t rake them
though they still tumble
through the air

the leaves
coming down
for Susie

© Frank Prem, 2017

May 2017 Poem #28: nothing

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libby’s puzzle

Poem #45 from Small Town Kid Back to Small Town Kid – Introduction

little libby was
the runt in a line
of older sisters
and bigger brothers

everything in the world
was already known
before she came along
and someone else
owned all the simple answers

was the only mystery left
in a tiny universe
a puzzle
growing up and searching
for her own pieces

some of the boys
tried to help her out
by touch
but they only
added clouds
to the picture

by the time
we visited the fairway
near the green
she was already tired
drifted beyond caring
my clumsy presence
more hope than help

for her it was already
just an old habit
but I at least
felt some pieces move
in a pursuit
of higher learning

© Frank Prem 2009

Small Town Kid Poem 46: not the mandalay

an aspara-guy song

asparagusa lone asparagus lifted his head
he’d been lying low for the winter

I was just passing
not near but enough
to intercept on the wind
what he said

hello oh my sweet peas
my tomatoes and pumpkins
are you waking
my carrot-topped friends

where have you gone
are you underground
it’s time my dears
to ascend

shuck off the dullness
that lying in frost brings
the humming of bees says the chill
is at end

so put on your green bits
and dance in the springtime

put on your green things
and dance

© Frank Prem, 2010

Statistically speaking, it’s an old dog anniversary

I received a WordPress congratulation message yesterday. This blog is a year old.

Leanne and I were reminiscing about the humble goals and objectives I started with a year ago and I confess to mild amazement at the way this idea has manifested into a core part of my life, and for some of you, I think, of yours also.

The most Liked/most Viewed poem in the first year of the blog was a piece called Old Dogs. For this anniversary, I’ve decided to republish Old Dogs, with a picture of the other old dog featured in the piece.

Thank you to everyone who reads here, I hope you enjoy and keep enjoying the work that ends up here.


Old Dogs

we’re tired dogs
we seem to want
to go to bed together

at the exact same time

I hit the sack
in the middle of the bed
and say

she doesn’t make a sound
but plops down on a blanket
in the corner

just a tired dog

we are tired old dogs
and around about our bedtime
she gets snappy

while I can’t think of anything
more to say
except to tell her
good night
you tired old dog

we’re a couple
of tired old dogs

Frank Prem, May 2017