South African poets – Two poems about women

Wonderful South African poetry shared by Robbie Cheadle.


The Woman at the Till by Tatamkhulu Afrika

She had a plain, hard face,

A head thrusted forward like a hawk’s.

Impossible brass triangles,

Improbable steel manacles

Cluttered her thin arms.

Clearly, she had little love for the world:

She had learned, though,

That she would not win,

So she did not throw your change at you,

Nor did she press it in your palm,

But placed it, sullenly,

On the counter in between.

She would wrap your purchase languidly,

Yet fast enough to cut off an complaint,

And when she had her punch-up with the till,

It was an exercise in ferocity,

Delicately restrained.

She was what we call “Maboer”,

A low white trash,

AWB most probably,

Slouching barefoot in Boksburg or Mayfair West.

I did not feel any particular hate for her,

Perhaps because I was what

She would call a low black trash,

Which made us quits.

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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #WWI – #Historical – Sheep On The Somme: A World War I Picture and Poetry Book by Frank Prem

Thank you Sally Cronin and Smorgasbord Blog Magazine for featuring Sheep On The Somme, my recent picture poetry/spoken image release.

Sally, your support is amazing and much appreciated.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to share the news of the latest release from Frank Prem – Sheep On The Somme: A World War I Picture and Poetry Book  – in hardback and paperback this is a memorial to those who endured the horrors of the Battle of the Somme.

About the Collection.

In this Picture Poetry collection, journey with the AIF, the ANZACS and the German and French armies at war on the Western Front during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

Have your photo taken in a studio in Cairo, and your heart broken on a small street in Ballarat.

The bombs are falling in an endless fusillade of artillery fire from both sides of the conflict, turning the Somme into a clagging stew of slurried mud and maddened men.

Frank Prem has taken images of men at war and created verse stories to accompany them and to tell you…

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meet leslie (we’re in the papers)

Squizzy Taylor from The Sun News Pictorial 22/09/1922 hello meet leslie it is truehe is smallish manof only fivefeet two so what andit’s truethey saythat he is badinall kinds of ways so what so whatwhyshould I care he dresses wellandbuys me thingsand . . . andhe takes medancing sometimesit isa dangerous lifebutthe coppersdon’t know(anything) and … Continue reading meet leslie (we’re in the papers)

as important (as an excellent lunch)

the mostimportantthing how to judgeamong the thisand the thatis acomplicatedtask when you areyoung alwaysmy mama’s babe always everybody’sbabe but alwaysmore grown upthan anyonecan tell anyone believe watch watch me preparean excellent lunchsimplyan excellent lunch just asa woman must do and leslie doesn’t likemegoing outtoo muchfor he thinks me too youngbut . . . when I … Continue reading as important (as an excellent lunch)