sleeping tales

my father is unhappy he says I have written too close to home in the telling of a story about hotel life he thinks I have intruded shown too much that the revelations might reflect poorly on him he has changed the place he drinks ~ and so I have promised I will search no … Continue reading sleeping tales

in translation: we should leave

Sada mi dojde"s? Koji vrijeme je ovo sti'ci doma? She saying to him: Now you here? What time this is, to be arrive home? Ti i tvoja neculturna banda! Jel niste znali koji vrijeme je ve'c pro"slo? She say: You and you no-culture band, eh ... group ... of friend. Do you not know what … Continue reading in translation: we should leave

Fashion Cleanser

every Monday it's wet surfaces on knees with washing cloth and liquid cleanser bathrooms and kitchen wipe down chairs and vacuum some days the refrigerator we don't often say much beyond hello how are you but once she said this is no be forever Frenk is for my children is not what I do for all … Continue reading Fashion Cleanser

telephone dumplings

mutti said Frenk you should be here I'm making k-nedl-e do you remember what they are dumplings for putting into chicken supa sounds good ma but what I always remember from when I was a kid is shoof-nudl-e the yellow doughy-pastry that you used to make into long thin ropes by rolling it backwards and … Continue reading telephone dumplings

materinski jezik – the mother tongue

Frenk, tell me, why you not use you mother language some more, hmmm? You speak Australski, yes, but this is not you mother tongue. You mother tongue is Hrvatski, you call him Croatia, no? That is language you was born with and you papa and mama speak him. Why you no speak him more? Why … Continue reading materinski jezik – the mother tongue