who is the girl/boy

I am the girl who spread her wings in the treetops I am the girl who has tamed the wind for flight it was me you saw I was the one blocked the stars out I am the girl who’s just like a bird and I fly ~ I am the girl swims like a … Continue reading who is the girl/boy

way poem #18: in anger

I spoke to the sky I am ANGRY is what I called I am ANGRY I shouted from my heart in every inflection I placed rage stamped my feet hard upon the ground waved both my fists at the air clenched as hard as I could hold them OH OH OH how I am ANGRY I … Continue reading way poem #18: in anger

way poem #17: boat to the island

boat the current calls will you carry me unfurl your sail then let us drift together beneath the sun the lazy breeze knows me well and to where I’m bound ~ boat raise a little wake for me that I might feel the salt and spray as though we sail for pleasure my friend the … Continue reading way poem #17: boat to the island

way poem #16: open to new

it’s a new world every time I open my eyes because I had a new thought looked in a new place surprised by an idea I noticed the dust swirl under the sunlight was profounded by my joy it’s a new world every time my eyes close because I see the pattern of the lamp’s light … Continue reading way poem #16: open to new

way poem #10: a court farewells its king

when the tomb was bared the king appeared to be at rest his face towards home his hands held in peaceful pose the queen lay beside him in her separate space she too was serene as though no more than sleeping a maid had twisted from her side to gaze up skywards the cousin seemed … Continue reading way poem #10: a court farewells its king

way poem #2: who knew the way

A Poem a Day in October 2016: #26 he caught the cloud that flew too low turned it around and sent it out that way he paused the wind by holding his hands before his eyes then reached out to turn it aside that way he bent down low his eye reflected in the pond smoothed … Continue reading way poem #2: who knew the way