Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!

Well, my dear friends, it seems I've managed three years of incessant poetry blogging here at WordPress. I thank them for letting me know. I thank you for reading them (some, if not all LOL!) 2,734 posts (counting this one). Mostly individual poems. 11,954 comments (thank you one and all for being willing to comment … Continue reading Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!

Squaring The Circle exhibition – the photographs

I've had a couple of folk mention they cannot access Facebook, where the above exhibition is referenced (here). Not good enough, thought I. At no trouble at all, the pictures you would see at Facebook, are now presented below. Leanne is very gratefully receiving any visitors, their likes and especially any comments. Above is the … Continue reading Squaring The Circle exhibition – the photographs

Squaring The Circle exhibition – Leanne Murphy

Leanne Murphy Art and Picture Framing is having a solo exhibition at the Library in Beechworth.   Leanne describes the exhibit in this way: It explores ideas of time, migration and storytelling within three generations of a migrant family settled here in the 1950s (one of them being my dear hubby, poet and author Frank … Continue reading Squaring The Circle exhibition – Leanne Murphy

Small Miracles (Leanne Murphy)

Leanne Murphy - wife and life partner to me - has put together a small wish for any and all to share in. It is located on her social media page and titled - Small Miracles. It is my great pleasure to share it with you, and to add my heartfelt wishes for a safe and … Continue reading Small Miracles (Leanne Murphy)

Welcome to Beechworth

Hello and welcome to my hometown of Beechworth in north-east Victoria, where we nestle in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, within easy reach of snow and skiing. The north-east is awash with pretty and charming small towns and interesting villages, but Beechworth is a special place. It sits in the centre of an historical golden … Continue reading Welcome to Beechworth