But I Don’t Like Salad: A Slice of Cake With . . .

Wonderful to share A Slice of Cake with fabulous author Claire Buss who you can catch up with here: http://www.clairebuss.co.uk. Her chat with me is located here: https://butidontlikesalad.blogspot.com/2022/04/a-slice-of-cake-with-frank-prem.html?spref=tw pop over and say hello if you have the chance. F~

Friday With Friends – writing with images

I'm very pleased to share a link to Camilla Downs Friday with Friends feature in which I have indulged myself with an exploration of my approach to using images to create poetry. It is always interesting to me personally to have the opportunity, from time to time, to ponder what I do and how I … Continue reading Friday With Friends – writing with images

The Witty Writers Show interview

I had a lovely interview this morning with author Beth Worsdell for her 'The Witty Writers Show'. It was a great chat, notwithstanding some technology glitches at my end. Check it out if you have a few minutes free. The Witty Writers Show ** Edit** I've managed to upload the interview to my YouTube channel, … Continue reading The Witty Writers Show interview

The Witty Writers – interview soon

Just a reminder that I'll be chatting live on Facebook with Beth Worsdell, for her The Witty Writers interview feature tomorrow morning (my time), but in the evening in other parts of the world. Beth is a lively and somewhat unpredictable interviewer, originally from the UK, but now based in the US. She positively buzzes … Continue reading The Witty Writers – interview soon

Guest writing at Mandy’s place

Author and Writing Blogger Mandy Whyman has been good enough to invite me to post as a guest Blogger on her Writing Insights page, talking a little about: How can a writer turn experience into expression? How can life be made over into a written form, so that another person – a reader – can … Continue reading Guest writing at Mandy’s place

Live Interview. Want to come?

Witty Writers Show pic. I'm delighted to have been invited to join Author Beth Wordsell, for an hour of chat about writing, reading, literature and other things that come to mind over the course of an hour, as part of Beth's Witty Writers Interview Series. Here is where to find out more about Beth. The … Continue reading Live Interview. Want to come?

The Authors Show – Interview

An Interview on The Authors Show I'm delighted to have had an interview with the folk at The Authors Show - a publishing industry podcaster based in the US. They are very active in obtaining and making available author interviews, and have a significant audience and very high ratings. Casting my eye over their list … Continue reading The Authors Show – Interview

Meet the Author – Interview

I am continually amazed at how interviews can be structured so as to bring out new information, or to highlight different facets of the process of writing and creativity. Today I am delighted to share with you a 'Meet the Author' interview conducted by Camilla Downs on her Meet The Author Blog. Camilla is an … Continue reading Meet the Author – Interview