Flock – on pages, flying

My most recent book order just arrived. Primarily, I wanted to get a couple of copies of The Garden Black to hold as stock, but I gave myself a nudge to finish the layout of the Flock collection, which I'd let lapse because it seemed a bit futile. So. I now have a copy of … Continue reading Flock – on pages, flying

Books to come. So much fun!

I'm really pleased to have been able to place an order for a few stock copies of The Garden Black, just now. It's a sign (to me) that the process of creating and listing the book is just about complete. There are still tasks associated with launching a new book that have to be attended, … Continue reading Books to come. So much fun!

Flock – still plugging away

The formatting of images goes on, dragging its tail behind it. I still have quie a few to do before I can really start looking for the elements and reasons for why it probably won't work. I have a few in mind, already. Principally, I suppose, is my concern that too many of the backgrounds … Continue reading Flock – still plugging away

Update on the ‘Flock’ collection

Flock - 2 page spread - 03/08/2021 I thought you might be interested in progress of the 'flock' collection. I have a basic layout, now. Not entirely sure it will last the distance, but it comprises a manuscript, with all the bits of front and back matter in their set place (at least the way … Continue reading Update on the ‘Flock’ collection

the song (of the Flock)

Yesterday, I coincidentally learned a little more about the flock of pigeons that so captivated me with their wheeling around and across the sky a couple of years back. I wonder if anything of this sort is truly coincidence. I was told that the flock was the personal joy of a fragile young man who … Continue reading the song (of the Flock)

another day, another rabbit (er . . . pigeon) to pursue . . .

Flock project - sample page #1 26/07/2021 Back awhile (in 2018) I had the good fortune of having two flocks of pigeons grace the sky over and around my home, here in Beechworth. I'm not sure what happened, but around the same time, perhaps 18 months or 2 years ago, they both disappeared. I believe … Continue reading another day, another rabbit (er . . . pigeon) to pursue . . .

The Elyne Mitchell Photo Story Award

I rarely enter poetry competitions anymore. Occasionally I am tempted to try my hand at book awards or other literary honors because it is necessary to dip a finger into the water from time to time. For the most part, I keep my head down and concentrate on writing and developing my work in my … Continue reading The Elyne Mitchell Photo Story Award

#Flock 90: waiting (patient)

I've been inspired by a trick some colleagues used as the cover reveal for a new book. I hope you're interested in Jigsaw puzzles, because the picture for this poem is here. Happy puzzling. ~~~~~~~~~~ little bird little bird why do you wait what do you see is it a crumb of wisdom that might … Continue reading #Flock 90: waiting (patient)