closing time

the sky is visible through the oak tree that old friend of mine is closing down for the cold I can see now the companion birds so well hidden in the days of green as small as a flitter among falling leaves adrift on a chilling breeze that has come from a somewhere that must be … Continue reading closing time

just shopping

he misses her in the supermarket finds himself buying things he never would have bought alone hydroponic tomatoes recycled paper for the smallest room there's no one to laugh with he forgot the carry-bag from home again ah well that's the way it goes with the environment everyone's intentions are good how is it that … Continue reading just shopping

self portrait via life-draw

I have charcoaled a man I am inking a woman he wears a short goatee and no distinctive features she bears a tattoo that adorns the skin of her back like remnant lace from the rumple of a negligee tossed carelessly away his head is drawn as round as a circle and overly tiny I … Continue reading self portrait via life-draw

Top 10 for 2016 – from the Poem-a-day Collection (Part A)

In September 2016, I decided I would take a shot at doing a poem each day for a month. I've done this type of exercise before with good, but mixed, results. At the time (end of August) I felt I was writing well enough and would perhaps benefit from the discipline of producing an acceptable … Continue reading Top 10 for 2016 – from the Poem-a-day Collection (Part A)

Top 5 for 2016 – from the archives (daily prompt)

It has been a great pleasure to find work that responded approximately to the daily Prompt provided by WordPress. The hours are a bit murderous, though. The prompt was initially becoming available to me in Australia here at 10:00 pm - lovely. Then we went over to daylight saving time, so the hour became 11:00 … Continue reading Top 5 for 2016 – from the archives (daily prompt)

Top 5 (or 6) poems – end of year review-

I started posting my poems back in May 2016 because between Leanne and myself, we had a couple of songwriting projects that interested us and we we were contemplating putting in a submission to do some work as a team. At that point, I had no place that could serve as an accessible CV of … Continue reading Top 5 (or 6) poems – end of year review-

the world’s greatest lover

she said I think you must be the world’s best lover he could feel her voice as a vibration rising through his chest to reach inside his head you care more for me than for yourself he said nothing but considered what it is that constitutes truth kissed the top of her head stretched his … Continue reading the world’s greatest lover