holiday song

come on miss slowpoke pack your hairbrush and your comb don’t worry about make up there’ll be no-one to know hold the bag down I’ll zip around the side it’s almost overloaded and it’s surely too wide but I’ll drag and I’ll haul it manhandle and maul it to make that suitcase fit snug into … Continue reading holiday song

Only Hands

they're only hands i suppose instruments of touch explorers of fine sensation and i am so taken by this journey into the softness of skin through fingertips the sensation of hands traveling cool across my face soft touches with a tremble i can feel they're only hands i suppose © Frank Prem, 2000

steps to a consecration

stand at the eastern corner beneath the open shedding feel the smoothness of the stones with which you paved look to the statement of the boundary line this is the Land ~ stand at the southern corner on the black richness of loam look to the slender alium the upright maize this is the Land … Continue reading steps to a consecration

just not today

it’s like watching a skeleton bones dressed in skin that’s sunk to clutch like a one-piece body suit in and out of contour bones sockets and cavities she looks like death it is close but interspersed with shuddered inspirations gasped and grasped at intervals waiting for the one come on one more time again again … Continue reading just not today

not listening to a flood

I am not listening to the stories about floods they are an inundation on every tv channel I have seen waters overflowing tears being cried like rivers speechless people telling incoherent stories of how they have never seen the like before thought the first time three weeks ago was their disaster but here it is … Continue reading not listening to a flood