rules in the hands of the god (of war)

ta-tara ta tara here are the soldiers red arrayed on the heights and all around the hill their colonels and generals wear special hats they have artillery aimed primed and ready so ready ta-tara ta tara tara here are the soldiers blue arrayed around the hill up on the heights their colonels look jaunty their … Continue reading rules in the hands of the god (of war)

two things (synchronicity)

two things always happen together they are linked forever always two things always happen at the same time they happen to happen the same time always does one thing only happen if the second thing makes it so is it the second creating the first does one thing make the second thing happen is it … Continue reading two things (synchronicity)

attire (for a blue day)

  he checks the wardrobe all the garments hanging there chooses a jacket made of clear light tries it on his body disappears light is only light but it is strong so something darker so something to hold his shape a corset of shadows and buttons whistling he adjusts the cloth of his jacket steps … Continue reading attire (for a blue day)