a small essence (and an unusual phenomenon)

everyone who saw agreed as he did himself it was an unusual phenomenon he had looked into the sun to watch light dancing had swum in the waters of a shimmer in the desert but this time when he cut himself he bled small droplets of red flame that seemed almost to splash and spread … Continue reading a small essence (and an unusual phenomenon)

among us

he wore his hat brim low to keep his face withdrawn from the light hidden under a shadow didn’t say much in a voice that sounded cracked and dry more a shape than a man drawing dark around him like a cloak filled with nothing no he didn’t say much but if you ever glimpsed … Continue reading among us

now the remembrance of flame

as a child it had been apparent that he enjoyed play with matches paper small twigs at first there had been concern but no flames ever seemed to escape him always they were extinguished as though they had never been while he seemed … brighter happier after he had lit and burned only now so … Continue reading now the remembrance of flame