at the top

you can find my mind at the top of the world I’ll be thinking how to make bread from water and flour in a bowl what binds things what keeps them apart what makes them rise like my mind is up at the top of the world I’m thinking about what’s been can I see … Continue reading at the top

axeman: the rotten

here see this wood will be rotten too easy to heft too light there’s nothing there white ants their job done have moved on all they’ve left behind some kind of honeycomb see how wet the log is they prefer the wood moistened but they’ll eat it dry whenever it suits them look here see … Continue reading axeman: the rotten

an army of the night

in the night a black and white army invisible against the sky expert teams holders cutters un-wrappers worked diligently and again they worked diligently all through the long night now it is morning the tree is free and clear no sign no sign of the invader no sign no no sign of the magpie army … Continue reading an army of the night

axeman: fiddle wish wood

wishbone wood doesn’t want to be split axe-man work for your warm wishbone wood has got a fiddleback middle good luck you splitting that axe-man good luck to you a fork in the wood is a wishbone growing like this and like that growing every way that is this and that is that axeman drive … Continue reading axeman: fiddle wish wood

red aurora

aurora fire-lights you come to us even so late in the season earthen light ascending carrying the red of the heart the yellow a dance towards the sky and you sound aurora fire-lights like thunder like a terra-train express running right through right through no stopping no waiting so late this year yet here you … Continue reading red aurora

the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

Miss Roxie is on the bark tonight Joe must have gone out again and left her she’s going to shout now all night long how she really misses her wandering man I live just a small way down the road a road that’s a kind of echo-canyon it rebounds sound both up the hill and … Continue reading the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

evolving without a picture

I could take a picture of the transformation of the tree the way the bag has ragged itself the way nature acclimatizes while continuing to change for in the tree a bird shape is perched up high on the very topmost branch it’s so nice to see a bird shape where before was only branches … Continue reading evolving without a picture

shopping for breakfast

I ride the magpie my bird trusty steed no need for spur only me in the saddle me with the bridle in hand up wings up wings aloft we rise and then fly above the neighboring houses along the cavernous street across the paved walk track and through vacated skate-board park to land the magpie … Continue reading shopping for breakfast