goodbye autumn

today is a day of blue skies and crescent moons clouds sailing in the sunlight the green of grass is shining bright and back yards kiss the sky all arranged this cold cold day to kiss the last day of Autumn goodbye goodbye not to mention a salutary Ibis (shhh) (shhh) don't mention that © … Continue reading goodbye autumn

falling leaves (for Susie)

the leaves are coming down for Susie she will not rake them up today they fall in colours yellow pink and rosy red covering the green with shades of warm covering a pillow for her head a blanket for her bed we'll heap them high for her Susie raked them year on year but now … Continue reading falling leaves (for Susie)

forging a memento

with a hand outstretched he approached the warmth more intense as he moved nearer watching fully mesmerized closer closer from warm to sear the dance drew him as a compulsion he could not withdraw the finger so sensitive extended one touch so a broken spell it was only once but so impassioned the burn some … Continue reading forging a memento

Statistically speaking, it’s an old dog anniversary

I received a WordPress congratulation message yesterday. This blog is a year old. Wow! Leanne and I were reminiscing about the humble goals and objectives I started with a year ago and I confess to mild amazement at the way this idea has manifested into a core part of my life, and for some of … Continue reading Statistically speaking, it’s an old dog anniversary