finding the colour

tomato man goes chasing the red in under green foliage the tomato repels but he likes that odor of green and so he burrows among unripened hands of truss berries to find there and there one nearly ripe and one full red one seize and twist into the baggie there will be red for dinner … Continue reading finding the colour

dream hunt

the hunter stalks the plain I am trying to sleep some days the chase yields only empty fruit I turn over in my bed where has the good game gone I listen to the silence the hunter eyes a barren waste I plump my pillow at last he sees a familiar shape I try to … Continue reading dream hunt

wind-jig day

the wild wind is playing the clothes on the line it spins them as it whistles a tune in cavort time the pegs wooden and plastic are clicking like rogue castanets trees have been swirled leaves have been twirled it’s a heady dance of wind-sway and tousling in breathless delight around and around goes the … Continue reading wind-jig day

bay bed

sun has marbled the water into mosaics patterns on the sand fringe fronds from decaying seaweed wriggle for a moment as a wave heaves while the fry-fish spread before us scattered by vibrations when I splashed my foot churned the sand the waves keep come-and-going sh-sh-sh hush and hush wash golden clean this bed © … Continue reading bay bed

the nascent days of Vicugna Air

he paused mid-meal mid bite mid chew in the field a stirring among the birds wings flapping an ungainly interval if thrash and flap and run a duck? a goose? ibis? no this time a heron all beak and neck and commotion the large birds appear to struggle with the mastery of their craft eventually … Continue reading the nascent days of Vicugna Air