orchestrated autumn

autumn snow is colored brown and gold falling from the oak tree the back yard is leaf-blizzard before the storm whipper-wind flays the branches cumulo-grumpus masses the skies a lightning fork from top to down a staff to conduct the show © Frank Prem, 2017 April 2017 Poem #01: one form of ‘good morning’

frog call (ba bonk)

I was once a frog you know home upon a lily it seems a foolish time so far ago but all of us were young then a croak is like a call to love sent by one melancholy a croak is just a song to sing on wistful nights of ripples on the pond and … Continue reading frog call (ba bonk)

unravelling the code

ahhh the genie’s lamp she muttered to herself knowingly as though she had found what she expected what is it she glanced at me that you wish for? turning back to her work a bowl it is filled with fruit more bounty? perhaps perhaps she grasped my hand pointed at a pattern in the markings … Continue reading unravelling the code

axeman: between two words

between two words that rhyme lies the metaphor like the magpie and its song like a round of firewood and the blade of my axe there the image unfolds in its personal melody the ballad moves me to the high country when I close my eyes I sing the mountains blue the valleys my story … Continue reading axeman: between two words

within the weave

the cloth is spread black in all its shades of darkness across the table spread evenly yet wrinkled in small spaces tidy but occasionally cratered by an errant fold smooth but here and there a thread so slightly misaligned the cloth is spread across an empty table ~ I live inside a wrinkle in the smoothness … Continue reading within the weave

on the green

in a daydream gazing outwards through the window away a girl danced across his meadow in sunshine light billowed her skirt while she turned and turned a pirouette on flowers and on the green as she danced she stepped closer he could see her care-less care-free she smiled a few rounds more until she reached him … Continue reading on the green

weather war

a thundering army is descending from the north [CLA-ASH} [BA-BA-A-ANG] a thundering army drumming as it rides my way [BA-BOOM] [BA-BOOM] they light the sky the clash their shields a thunder of an army with bolts of light to hurl and heave [TA-RA] [TA-RA TA-RA] the wind runs before them [WOO-OO-OO] oh-oh the wind runs … Continue reading weather war