breathing air and truth

stirring the wine not quite the same as breathing but air is air is air however you receive it and did you know the colour of clarity is red did you know that white includes deceptions in the crimson resides the truth despite my slightly inappropriate exposure   © Frank Prem, 2017 June 2017 Poem … Continue reading breathing air and truth

five bird poems (Benalla)

highway (crows) crows shone on the shoulder of the highway striding business like from carrion to carrion ruffs alert to the tender kiss of a passing breeze black feet black beak black feathers the black crows shone on the shoulder of the highway ~ evaluation of a swimmer the line of the wake is a … Continue reading five bird poems (Benalla)

the school cleaner

he armed himself on a daily basis with the tools required by his trade a broom of course and a mop and bucket solvent and a three inch paintbrush a duster an eraser and assorted cloths a chisel he had sometimes found useful and a hammer some weights protective clothing obviously overalls dark glasses heavy … Continue reading the school cleaner

oonga boonga (power to the people)

the government wants to charge me for the electricity I make I have a power plant sun-worshipping on my rooftop even though I make it for myself the government wants to take it they don’t to build a power plant oh no no no they don’t want to be touched by dirty coal oh no … Continue reading oonga boonga (power to the people)