(PAD #019) linked (mathematically)

and today I am an idea I will take a poem mine someone else’s I will look inside its phrases seize them in my own tight grasp and write the phrase into a poem a link from poem to poem and back again one into one hundred the mathematics of literature is a poem multiplied … Continue reading (PAD #019) linked (mathematically)

harmony (minor)

if we harmonise a minor chord we can make the wind blow-woe-woe ooo ooo I feel the thrum of you deep inside me a vibration ooo-ooo woe-woe-woe-woe o-ohhhhh-ohhhh o-ohhh-ohh I watch you change the shape you are holding your mouth you close your eyes ohhh-ohh ohhh-oh-woe-woe ohhh-oh woe-wo                ooh-oooh I watch you oooh-oooh we harmonise … Continue reading harmony (minor)

the hunt for the wild arancini

the wild arancini gallops across the driving range the golf club chef so close behind him holds his implements up high his cook’s knife the roasting fork a sharpening steel held to his wrist by a shortened length of cord the apron flies a-flap around his knees his moustache holds beaded sweat while his jowls … Continue reading the hunt for the wild arancini