goodbye old year

Last piece in the Poem a day series. Thanks to all who've come along with me. Hope you all have a Happy New Year. More - the same and different - in 2018.  Watch out for Seventeen Syllable Poetry work. away in the distance the beginning I know here at my feet is the end … Continue reading goodbye old year

I away

I’m going to lift myself up float myself a river a raft I am going to be a vessel for my thought hardly I contain it float myself away and down stream get on board I’m lifting off now get on board floating! floating! away down the stream © Frank Prem, 2017 December 2017 Poem … Continue reading I away

what might have been (at Tambo)

A previous Tambo post with a couple of pics is here. round the hairpin follow a creek of stones and rocks and wood ripples little rapids break across the ribs and bones picked clean by floods and dry’s the trees behind deflect the morning sunlight they are bumps of thickened knot more mistletoe than host … Continue reading what might have been (at Tambo)