12 months, 400 poems: nova today

A short note before today's poem. Today marks 12 months completed since I began writing 'A Poem a Day', 400 poems ago with a little fire dance poem. I originally intended to aim for a month, but so enjoyed the discipline of writing and the feedback I received from readers that I pushed on (and … Continue reading 12 months, 400 poems: nova today

free (for a little while)

and in a little while a little while the sun has cleared the edge and fluff of concealing clouds that billow bluff and blow around the sky as though possessors license checkers or taxing agents placing a tariff on the sunlight and enforcing rations for such is the mentality of the colour grey in the … Continue reading free (for a little while)

becoming (Bella Bear)

I once made a little bear cut the fur against a pattern material tufts straying hair bulbous outlines I failed to recognize inside out and each edge against another edging little pins and little pins inverted and enjoined by the detail of close stitching stray pieces of random fluff coalesced reversed then filled to make … Continue reading becoming (Bella Bear)

Woolshed walk: a journey of cows

there is a message in the sky the great white tail pointing written against the blue we must follow every one of us must follow who knows where the greener pastures lie who knows where the great one of the sky wants us to be right now yes we must follow as though the white … Continue reading Woolshed walk: a journey of cows

Woolshed walk: picturing the ethereal

have you got the i-pad quick set it on Camera did we download the new app go go snap it now I want to catch the sound of the creek here rushing across the rocks now point it higher and snap again the smell of wattle is in the air © Frank Prem, 2017 August … Continue reading Woolshed walk: picturing the ethereal