way poem #10: a court farewells its king

when the tomb was bared the king appeared to be at rest his face towards home his hands held in peaceful pose the queen lay beside him in her separate space she too was serene as though no more than sleeping a maid had twisted from her side to gaze up skywards the cousin seemed … Continue reading way poem #10: a court farewells its king


whispered by a confidant breeze to ears of grass that reached as high as the sky is tall now with burden bowed their heads nod down nod down to the ground they bend so low oh how they wish they’d paid no heed ignored the vex of that soft zephyrous moan but too late now their own they … Continue reading secrets

way poem #9: poor saturations

how much oxygen in your fingers? one hundred per cent sat ninety-five how your lungs must work so when you love your cigarettes do you know that this is dying I wonder do you care light another cigarette old friend of mine old fool ~ how much oxygen in your fingers? eighty-eight percent sat eighty-three … Continue reading way poem #9: poor saturations

way poem #7: three birds

the black swan has no legs majesty alone propels her prow and wake serene she crosses water the pelican has no legs his flight of wings ride on currents whose joy it is to hold him elegantly within the air the gannet has no legs before the bullet of her mind the waves with grace bid … Continue reading way poem #7: three birds

way poem #6: perhaps by questions

he stood at the end of the concrete path just below the washing line raised his head and shouted out into the blue his name I am … I am … he yelled it at the sky shouted through the clouds into beyond and then a little bit further a little bit more his name … Continue reading way poem #6: perhaps by questions

way poem #5: the five steps to wheaten pecks

he progresses five steps at a time to reach a wall a fence that he can lean on air that tastes so sweet is hard these days to come by a moment of rest till the gasps calm down to regular breathing then five steps more and five steps more again it’s important to keep … Continue reading way poem #5: the five steps to wheaten pecks

way poem #4: the poet

in the morning while he gazed through glass the play of light   the sway of trees in new dressed green (it is spring after all) dapples spread across grass where the two combined lovers at the height of their season restlessness grew a feeling inside of tightness angsty in the afternoon almost beside himself … Continue reading way poem #4: the poet

way poem #3: to a higher place

boil you slow-to-bubble philistine whey-face of wasted time he is talking to at the milk poured into a saucepan on the stovetop the brown grumbler is roaring it’s head off at me and you you are not even trying haste or I’ll tip you out and start over he doesn’t mean that not really but … Continue reading way poem #3: to a higher place

way poem #2: who knew the way

A Poem a Day in October 2016: #26 he caught the cloud that flew too low turned it around and sent it out that way he paused the wind by holding his hands before his eyes then reached out to turn it aside that way he bent down low his eye reflected in the pond smoothed … Continue reading way poem #2: who knew the way