gaston, my canard, teaches fantasy

gaston my tutor is teaching imagination and fantasy using french words il est facile d'apprendre le fantaisié le qwark (quack quack) yes gaston my professeur takes a gallic approach to reverie le qwa-wa-wark (quack quack) qwa-wa-wark (quack quack) he waggles his feathers quacks so fast I haven't the imagerie to take in what he says … Continue reading gaston, my canard, teaches fantasy


he does his best work in pencil fabers derwents staedtlers all serve him well to sketch outlines mark details shade in shapes with shadows and he is drawing a small tree a eucalypt sapling placed off-centre in the bottom third of a sheet of cotton paper the leaves are formed vibrant shade implies their colour … Continue reading sketch

interpreting signals

waiting the clouds are grey massing above us filling the horizon away to the west lightning untranslated semaphore is sending messages of what the heavens have in store if only I could understand them the signals flying all around me in the telegraph line that is the air but I am blind I cannot see … Continue reading interpreting signals

an unsuccessful journey towards the promised land

all right all right the leader said all those of you who do not know the way make a line make a line there make a line come up close come up close come up closer take a tail in your mouth but do not bite it I said a tail in your mouth but … Continue reading an unsuccessful journey towards the promised land

two totters

Merry Christmas and season's greeting to all, from me and my gang of misfit characters and imaginings. May you each totter to a lovely year end, and an extra ... an extra whatever it is that you most crave. Frank she totters when she walks it’s as though her heels could be stilettos even though she’s … Continue reading two totters

can’t trust the rice

he is almost inarticulate in his fury almost desperate in his need to chastise her how many times have I said when you’re cooking you can’t you mustn’t do anything else how many times ~ well she said I thought both of you were right there surely you would know when the rice needed to … Continue reading can’t trust the rice