(PAD #056): apocola (2)

in the treeis the heartof the world I beatoutside it the day comesthat brings the night before I close my eyesI gazeon the green and I wonder what is beyond before I closemy eyesI wonder will the worldgo onand willthe world live onif I plantthe green one plantone treeone morepair of lungsto breathe will it … Continue reading (PAD #056): apocola (2)

(PAD #055): apocola (1) I see

I will be deadwhile you are still in our palliation knowI have loved youtoo well hardlyat all I have takeneverythingyouso willinggave me taken itas though it were mine alone everything as thoughmy own for me ... have I reallycaredfor you debatable I recallthat one time I planted a small treein the brown loam that was … Continue reading (PAD #055): apocola (1) I see

(PAD #054) ode (to my pen)

and I wonderwhat it isabout youthat I love is it the wayyou knowwhat I amthinking the expressionyou giveto each thoughtthoughI don't speak itout loud somehowsomehowyou catch each wavethat I am surfing on next thing I knowthere are wordsof mewritten plainupon the paper next thing I knowI am reading melike Iwas thinking mesuch a short momentago … Continue reading (PAD #054) ode (to my pen)