(PAD #047) across the world (an eagle flies)

I sawthe eagle fly a black spot riffedupon the colourblue aroundaround onceshe went around againa wider arcthis time high as . . . the sun is highI close my eyesagainst the brightnessof that light a black spotsthe eagle flies I feel her wingsdrifting across the worldin my mind’seye ~ From The News: 76 Eagles ______________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading (PAD #047) across the world (an eagle flies)

(PAD #046) not fly (the eagle)

they have killedthe eagles Icannot fly poisonwhere there should besimple majesty the groundis a featherand a bone no morethe eagle no more kite no more the freedomIcan notfly ~ From The News: 76 Eagles ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry collections and giveaways? Subscribe … Continue reading (PAD #046) not fly (the eagle)

(PAD #045) the season kissed

what shadeof greenwhat huewhiteis that the colour isthe sunthe light shining through grass highlighting a flowera waving leaf the blackis the shadowremainingof winter the blueis a promise that I Ican believe it is flowing abovearoundflowing right throughwhat is me I believe I feel the colourgreen blossom white I am the skyof season changekissingallof this day … Continue reading (PAD #045) the season kissed

I am (of time)

I am a creaturebuiltof timeyou know stop motionimagesof thenand thenand then and now the voiceof a story toldto meonly to meby time in a whisperof wonder of pleasure of knowing and knowing and nothing I am meI am not oldjusta plaything a creature of time ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and … Continue reading I am (of time)

(PAD #044) transition (into popcorn)

there’s popcornon the golden plum spring is in the air sunshineis fallingacross the grass caressingnot burning thisis a threshold a time of change seasons blur on momentI’m inthe winter chill one momentI am holding my faceupinto a sunshine stream and popcornis dottingthe bare branchesof my golden plum ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about … Continue reading (PAD #044) transition (into popcorn)

(PAD #043) completely

I have spokenfor days unending talesof derringand yester-ways aloudbravadowith thrustand riposte adventure alwaysbut one sail away yet here I amin silencelonely the evening drawinga curtainclosed with the murmured voicesofwhat once wasormight be and once wasquite surely and once . . . once . . . is gone now it is the nightsunending with their voicessilent … Continue reading (PAD #043) completely

(PAD #041) sleep (van winkle)

and I could sleeplikerip van winkle a long breakfrom alltoil I wonderthoughwould it bea restor just forgetfulness a form ofno longer knowingwhat it isthat I should do I could sleep on it for a long timeI mightsleep  perhapswhen I woke up againwhat I must dowould become clear good nightnowmy pengoodnight papertooadieu farewell goodbye Iperhaps from … Continue reading (PAD #041) sleep (van winkle)

(PAD #040) dream (arrival)

in a dreamI crossthe swinging bridge feel the windthat blows rickety and ropeis all that each step knows and forwardat leastis one way to go in a dream I’m holdingonby fingertipsalone a bridge of risk and chanceand fall the song persuadesthe wind’s teethbite the farther sideencourages invites me togo on hand over handand timeon time I … Continue reading (PAD #040) dream (arrival)

(PAD #039) like a (truck) bird

wa-dor wa-dorwa-dor-wa-dor h-rrrrrrrr-ph-rrrrrrr-rrrrr-phu-rrrrrr-rrrrr-mmmm-p I prefera magpieto a truck I hear them bothright outsideevery morning they both sing songsin theirindividual ways they both fill the airwith their sound but the magpie’s airis a flightbefore spring and the truckis only a noisefilling the air I singa magpie song wa-dor wa-dorwa-dor-wa-dor I wish the truck h-rrrrrrrr-p h-rrrrrrr-rrrrr-p would … Continue reading (PAD #039) like a (truck) bird