(PAD #041) sleep (van winkle)

and I could sleeplikerip van winkle a long breakfrom alltoil I wonderthoughwould it bea restor just forgetfulness a form ofno longer knowingwhat it isthat I should do I could sleep on it for a long timeI mightsleep  perhapswhen I woke up againwhat I must dowould become clear good nightnowmy pengoodnight papertooadieu farewell goodbye Iperhaps from … Continue reading (PAD #041) sleep (van winkle)


(PAD #040) dream (arrival)

in a dreamI crossthe swinging bridge feel the windthat blows rickety and ropeis all that each step knows and forwardat leastis one way to go in a dream I’m holdingonby fingertipsalone a bridge of risk and chanceand fall the song persuadesthe wind’s teethbite the farther sideencourages invites me togo on hand over handand timeon time I … Continue reading (PAD #040) dream (arrival)

(PAD #039) like a (truck) bird

wa-dor wa-dorwa-dor-wa-dor h-rrrrrrrr-ph-rrrrrrr-rrrrr-phu-rrrrrr-rrrrr-mmmm-p I prefera magpieto a truck I hear them bothright outsideevery morning they both sing songsin theirindividual ways they both fill the airwith their sound but the magpie’s airis a flightbefore spring and the truckis only a noisefilling the air I singa magpie song wa-dor wa-dorwa-dor-wa-dor I wish the truck h-rrrrrrrr-p h-rrrrrrr-rrrrr-p would … Continue reading (PAD #039) like a (truck) bird

(PAD #038) the rain (I heard it)

I will listento the rainas it strikespeltedagainst my window I will followthe sound through the air through the glass into the splash listening into the droplet into water listening I will bethe rain striking doomagainst the window listening listening water through the air swirlingthrough the wind misting in a cloud listening a droplet a hint … Continue reading (PAD #038) the rain (I heard it)

(PAD #037) empty (no more)

empty page empty screen fill it up it's onlya keystroke key stroked afterkey stroke a story on the whitetoday we had a little snow this morningjust one minorflurry drifting downfrom the cloudsand the sky and the inkflowsonto the whiteand the pagefillswith the talethat is today black cockatooshave returned they are croakingcra-a-a-a-kinga gentle song today is … Continue reading (PAD #037) empty (no more)

(PAD #036) ghostly (will the clothes line) dance

ghostsare restlessI can see them move outside the clothes lineis dancing back and forwardone-two-three droplets falldownfrom around the wooden pegs whichthemselvesdon’t deign to move the twirl is happeningbut it has to bearound them in the middleof last night I hearda moan a sigh I knowthat’s how the windspeakswhen it is drifting past but it soundedlike … Continue reading (PAD #036) ghostly (will the clothes line) dance

(PAD 34) less

and the dayleaches life breathfollowedby breath I start outalivebutI endsomething that’s a little bitless and as the sundisappearswith the lastof the light I find myselfwonderingof tomorrowand strengthand the needI feelto go on it’s a cycleturned strangelyto beat the lifeoutfrom yourself but at this timein this kindof a dayI no longercare I can no longercare less … Continue reading (PAD 34) less

(PAD 32) fridge song (and accompaniment)

hum the refrigeratoris singingquietlyto itself it doesn’t know that I am listening writing down the wordsto its song humhum hum I thinkthat I may like ityou know it’s kind of plainandunassuming there is accompanimenttoonow that I know the wayto listen listen did you hear the carwash-ing byout on the street listen theregoes another it becomesan … Continue reading (PAD 32) fridge song (and accompaniment)