fire #28: wild cats (preview)

a wild cat purrs a little wild cat purr while she’s prowling rrrr-rrrr a wild cat sings a little yow-yow-yow when she’s howling yow-ow-ooww yo-oww a wild cat burns in the night on the hunt my wild cat stirs in the night while I hunt a wild cat purrs rrrr-rrrr while I sing a little … Continue reading fire #28: wild cats (preview)

gaston, my canard, teaches fantasy

gaston my tutor is teaching imagination and fantasy using french words il est facile d'apprendre le fantaisié le qwark (quack quack) yes gaston my professeur takes a gallic approach to reverie le qwa-wa-wark (quack quack) qwa-wa-wark (quack quack) he waggles his feathers quacks so fast I haven't the imagerie to take in what he says … Continue reading gaston, my canard, teaches fantasy

the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

Miss Roxie is on the bark tonight Joe must have gone out again and left her she’s going to shout now all night long how she really misses her wandering man I live just a small way down the road a road that’s a kind of echo-canyon it rebounds sound both up the hill and … Continue reading the breaking (of Miss Roxie’s) heart

shopping for breakfast

I ride the magpie my bird trusty steed no need for spur only me in the saddle me with the bridle in hand up wings up wings aloft we rise and then fly above the neighboring houses along the cavernous street across the paved walk track and through vacated skate-board park to land the magpie … Continue reading shopping for breakfast

The way in which Barbara can be likened to a particular kind of goat.

Ah now, that’s Barbara. Barbara is a bit of a story. You see, we’ve all been raised on the stories about Alpaca’s as flock guardians, but they have their limitations. If the dog pack has a bit of kelpie, or collie in their blood, they’ll keep circling and rounding the mob for hours. The alpacas … Continue reading The way in which Barbara can be likened to a particular kind of goat.

prowling in black and white

black/white cat take a step take a step take a very little step -ack/white cat better pause better stop better halt just wait -k/white cat hush now shh hush be q- uiet shhh -white cat run run run run leap high leap fast claws out -ite cat too bad no luck leaves rustle birds fly … Continue reading prowling in black and white

the hunt for the wild arancini

the wild arancini gallops across the driving range the golf club chef so close behind him holds his implements up high his cook’s knife the roasting fork a sharpening steel held to his wrist by a shortened length of cord the apron flies a-flap around his knees his moustache holds beaded sweat while his jowls … Continue reading the hunt for the wild arancini