a song for tilly

here comes that dog again (labrador lab ra-dor) here comes that dog again (labrador) [a-roof] [a-roof a-roof] (lab ra-dor) [roof a-roof] here comes that [roof] again (lab ra-dor) again wag your tail come and wag your tail strike me with your back and for-ward (labrador) [roof a-roof roof] here she comes that dog again ~

speculations (on the first dog)

Cleaning up odd poems written in the month of September. the first dog to reach the moon ran around on the floor between the bright light and the dark the earth and the night the first dog to reach the moon failed to notice any stars but wondered if the time was yet to receive … Continue reading speculations (on the first dog)

day release lotto

I saw him sitting on the post office step day release from the nursing home escape is three times around the block in his trusty old steed the silver mazda waiting for a disabled person parking bay to become available within gasping distance of the lotto shop where it's a quick-pick ticket that is sure … Continue reading day release lotto

the demanding nature of a tree

all through the night his sleep disrupted images of art he saw the hand wielding pencils across white to draw a tree rising up from the page opening its leaves swaying slightly to a breeze ruffling across the paper the hand reaching in among the branches to sketch a bird . . . . detaching … Continue reading the demanding nature of a tree