Kel Shaw’s 9/11 Project

My thanks and appreciation to Kel Shaw of Wagga in NSW for including me in her poignant 9/11 commemorative project, titled simply The 9/11 Project. Kel has curated stories and memories of 9/11 from a wide range of people, just telling what they have to share of that tragic day. The projecty has been a … Continue reading Kel Shaw’s 9/11 Project

nothing (until)

My people humble people who expectNothing.”la la ~ what is there –when the beginningis nothing –but hope and what –when you havenothing –is there for youto cling to hopehopehope evenwhen the best prospect –examinedfrom any angle –is bleak there remains . . . must remainhope there is courage neededto leavea hopeless life courageeven to recognizethat … Continue reading nothing (until)

no point (in weeping)

After the eventHe wept. He promised a ‘new start. ~ I think backto the beginning so long ago . . . just yesterday . . . I can hardly rememberthe old man passingstruggling to remainhis own managainst the lonely oddsof the first lock downand his concrete lungs before thatthe old lady how did it becomeso … Continue reading no point (in weeping)

A little update on books and writing projects

Note: This post has been edited to include the the Ida Pender and related work, since first posting. ~ I seem to be working on so many writing projects at the same time that I lose track of which is which, sometimes. For my own benefit as much as anything, I'll work through a list … Continue reading A little update on books and writing projects