no one (nothing)

no one (nothing) 12/03/2023 – from The Unsuspected Slum. Image: Carlton, c. 1935

a child
will live

one child
will die

how are we
to choose

I don’t know
she might be
(no one)

don’t know
he may become


First fruit from the Unsuspected Slum collection of images. I was cleaning up this old image this morning (I’ve finally caught up my Assignment work, so I can look at these again), and found myself writing in my head. Thought I best put it into some sort of form.

14 thoughts on “no one (nothing)

    • Yes, I think they were, though the alternatives at the time were few. The work of this chap Frederick Oswald Barnett was quite something and I’m looking forward to digging around in his story. Just another 50 odd pictures to clean up …

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      • I started out by simply finding images that turned up in my searches for slums in Melbourne, but nearly all of them led to the same place, which is a collection of images held by the State Library of Victoria. There is, I think, a neat little story about how they got them, but it’s a bit over long to recount here. I might put it at the front of the book, if I ever get to printing it. Something over 150 images in all.

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      • Oh Liz. I’m ALWAYS planning a book LOL.

        Seriously, I agree. It’s a subject that has a lot of depth and I think there is application in our present times with people unable to afford housing and cost of living issues that are making life very gruesome.

        The Barnett story on its own is very interesting, as I see it.

        Fingers crossed.

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  1. Another of life’s tragedies. If anyone has the ability to educate his readers without getting too involved, it will be you with your background Mind you when I get to read them I will do the crying for many.

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    • It’s fascinating to learn more about the time, Robbie. These images open the door to research that is a bit boggling, in some ways. Destitution for sure. This would have been at the end of the Great Depression – 1935.

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