suddenly I wonder (why is it autumn)

suddenly I wonder (why is it autumn) – 08/03/2023

the rain fell down
summer had been broken

the wind
was chill
reaching all the way
a blanket

that was right
inside the house

laying across my bed

does it happen
that way

I ask myself
I don’t know
any thing
but the summer
has –
suddenly –
been broken

the sky
is grey clouds
rollin in
like mountains
from the great beyond

and suddenly
I feel my age
I am an old man

a little shiver
as I watch the so-slow
of a droplet
falling in slow-motion
from a tired leaf
not used to holding
the weight
of water

like me

not used
the vagaries
of sudden change

I’m looking
for my eider

I might go
back to bed

I will
go back to bed

and wonder



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